This short, playful, and erotic gay story is about the fun and games that ensue when a very broke young man comes up with a scrap of black silk as a birthday present for his lover. It has been published as part of this collection of three gay short stories called Toy Box: Blindfolds.

Torquere Press says:

Trust. Need. A little fun play. That’s what the Blindfold Toy Box has in store!

Kiernan Kelly brings us a story about author Devin, who wants to write a book with a blind character. He turns to blind colleague, Julian, who is more than ready to teach Devin the pitfalls of his life. Can Devin trust enough to accept what Julian gives him?

In Jodi Payne’s The Gift, Jeff has had a hard year, and Ian wants to give him a special gift. He’s flat broke, though, so he comes up with a scrap of silk. What a perfect way to wrap a birthday present!

Willa Okati’s How I Came to Meet Him is an unconventional story about a man who goes to a club for very specific tastes, and meets a blindfolded slave he might be able to love.

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from "The Gift"

They'd been little more than a fleeting glimpse in her periphery, but Samantha felt a very familiar hitch in her breathing. She was sure of what she'd seen, picturing them in her mind so clearly that the image alone pulled her up short, stopped her where she stood, and compelled her to retrace her steps.

Half hard just thinking about it, Ian crossed to his bureau, fingers tingling with anticipation as he picked up a black silk scarf. Curiously, he tested it against his own eyes. Sure enough, folded over a couple of times as it was, he couldn't see a thing. Just darkness.

His cock swelled a little more at the silky feel of the fabric, meeting the stiff resistance of his fly. Ian bit his lip and gave his prick a reassuring squeeze through his jeans before heading up to the roof.

He knew where he'd find Jeff: sitting on a milk crate or a beat-up folding chair on the southeast corner of the building where he was shielded from the wind and had a good view of the river. From there you could watch the boats and the clouds go by, or you could look out across the Hudson and see New Jersey.

But this time Jeff wasn't there. Instead, Jeff was standing at the edge of the roof. He had one hand on the railing and the other was rubbing at the back of his neck.

"Hey, you. What's the matter?" Ian asked, approaching his lover

Jeff sighed. "I just don't have it in me."

"Can't play today?"

"Can't play, can't write."

Ian nodded. Like every other kind of artist, musicians had their share of blocks and bad days. "Hum the tune for me."

Jeff shook his head and gripped the railing with both hands. "There is no tune, Ian. I don't have it in me."

Ian moved behind Jeff and pulled the silk scarf out of his pocket. "Maybe I can help."

"Thanks, Ian, but I…"

"No, no. Seriously. I think I can help. Trust me?"

"Yeah, of course. But this is…"

"Do you trust me?" Ian repeated.

Jeff sighed. "Yes, Ian," he said emphatically. "Yes, I do."

"Good." Ian reached up and slipped the blindfold over Jeff's eyes.


"Hey nothing. You told me you trusted me." Ian secured the blindfold. "Can you see?"

"What are you doing?" Jeff laughed and reached up to touch his eyes through the blindfold.

"Happy birthday."

"This is my birthday present?" Still grinning broadly, Jeff reached forward as if to touch Ian. Ian reached up and took his hand.

"Can you see?"

"No, I can't see. I can't see a goddamn thing."


"Okay, tell me. What are you up to?"

Ian gave Jeff's hand a tug. "Come on," he said, and scooped up Jeff's guitar in his other hand. "Watch the top step."