Lovers Sabrina and Jo sizzle in Inexorable! It's the story of two women, both capable, experienced space travelers on a merchant marine cargo space ship, who are far, far from home when things start to go terribly wrong.

Inexorable can be found along with other stories of women wielding weapons, in Locked & Loaded, an anthology published by Torquere Press. It's available both as an e-book, in many formats, and also in trade paperback. I am proud to be a part of this anthology with my first ever published science fiction short story, and I highly recommend the work of the other talented authors.

"...This anthology explores what happens when the ladies stop being ladies and start kicking butt. They're hot, they're good with a gun, and they're finding love in all the right places.

From pirates on the high sea to Old West sharpshooters to modern mercenaries, Locked and Loaded explores the sensuality of a woman making her place in a man's world. Cops and space captains, sharpshooters and Girl Fridays in old Hollywood, all of them are looking for a good woman and a good fight. Breaking down stereotypes as easily as they break down doors, the women of Locked and Loaded will knock your socks right off!"

"What are they?" Sabrina’s mind reeled. She was no stranger to a fight, but this was her last mission and all she wanted to do was get home; take Jo with her and get off this ship. "Everyone on the Bridge is dead," she told him quietly, but even as she said it she realized that Dax must already know. The night shift was his shift.

Dax didn’t answer her. "Are you ready?"

She took another look at her heavy and angry-looking weapon and nodded. She and Dax made their way back into the corridor. He led her around one corner and then another, until they came to the wide access corridor outside one of the holding bays.

"There," Dax whispered.

Sabrina stood slowly and had a look inside through a small window cut into the door itself. She grimaced. "How long has this been going on?"

"A couple of hours."

Sabrina couldn't make out what they were firing at. "Where are they?"
Dax's tone was ominous. "Look closely."

She watched the flash of weapons fire and saw the occasional uniform stand and take new cover, but she couldn't make out what they were firing at. But as all eyes turned on her, or maybe on the door, that sinking feeling in her gut came back. She screamed as red eyes surrounded by dark greenish skin suddenly appeared on the other side of the safety glass and she stumbled backwards several feet. "Fucking hell," she breathed as her eyes met the enemy's and they stared at each other.

"Sabrina…?" Dax's questioning tone forced her to pull her eyes away.

"Cover!" She shouted and dove for Dax, dragging him a few feet down the corridor before he was able to get his own feet under him.

He tugged back. "No, this way."

A horrid screeching sound echoed behind them as they turned a corner, followed by yet more gunfire. Sabrina pressed her back to the wall, took a deep breath and then jumped back out, showering the space with bullets before taking cover once more. She was about to do it again but Dax stopped her with a hand on her arm.

"Quiet," he said softly.

"What? They're dying out there!" She tugged on her arm.

"Stop! It's quiet, Sabrina."

Sabrina went still, and discovered that Dax was right. An eerie silence had replaced the screeching and the gunfire. She stood there for a long moment catching her breath. Quiet only meant more dead. "I think I preferred the noise," she whispered softly.

"Me, too."

Dax stood up and peered around the corner. "It looks clear." He stepped out into the open.

"Where did the fucking thing go?" Sabrina asked rhetorically, reloading her gun.

"Fuck if I know."

"Any idea how many of them there are?" She clicked the new clip into place and it made a satisfying sound.

There was no answer.

"Dax?" The dread was back. "Oh, fuck."

She sprinted fast and hard, firing wildly over her shoulder as the creature shrieked behind her.