On the surface, America is a nation of wealthy people, the envy of the world, a modern day Rome. American households commanded the aggregate sum of $13.6 trillion, financial institution $20 trillion, commercial enterprises $18.3 trillion, S&Ls $3.5 trillion, Life insurance companies $7 trillion, tax-exempt foundations and universities another $2.3 trillion.

However, a closer look revealed that 54% of the total net financial assets were held by only 1% of the families. 90% if its wealth remained in the hands of the top 10%.

Thirty five percent of the families in America controlled a mere 14% leaving 55% of the nation with an accumulated net worth 0%. Yet, statistics don’t begin to tell the story.

And, while the nation is trillions of dollars in debt, that debt rest on the backs of the nation’s poor and middle class (working poor). Wealth has become transnational, where the richest 1% owes nothing to its host nation. If nationalism isn’t dead, it’s certainly on life support.

Money is power. That being the case, these elite few hold the keys to the kingdom. They are able, without being elected or appointed, to print money through the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The FRB (Federal Reserve Board) prints U.S. currency without any cost to them and then loans the money to private citizens (via lending institutions). The sucker, I mean borrowers in turn pay interest to the private banks. In essence, it’s outright theft, resulting in the fleecing the American people of their hard labor.Greed, the blind will to power, and the drive to enslave America is unholy mission of the 1%.

And, like helpless sheep, we turn to our shepherds (political representatives) to protect us from these wolves. But political can’t get elected on handshakes. It takes money and lots of it. And, as long as politicians have their palms out, corporations and their PACs will be there to grease them. With congressional committee big wigs in their pocket, there is no need for them to break the law. It’s easier for them to change it to suit the needs.

The fact of the matter is millions of Americans are beginning to awaken to this frightening truth. Whether or not you agree with the primary cause of our declining standard of living, you must agree that our daily survival is being threatened. You must also agree that there is something is profoundly wrong.

I know that you see it. Millions have and continue to lose their jobs, their homes, and their life savings. The purchasing power of the almighty American dollar is evaporating like rain puddles in the August sun.

The American family is in crisis. And, nowhere is this crisis more evident than in our failing public school systems, soaring divorce rate, the growing rate of teenage suicide and drug use, and the escalating number of rapes and cases of sex molestation. America has more citizens incarcerated per 100 than any nation on earth. We can’t build prisons fast enough.

And as Main Street slowly awakens, whispers of discontent are slowly spreading through the cities and heartland. As an undercurrent of panic is beginning to spread across American, as a splintered electorate begins to demand sweeping political changes. We are witnessing a slow disintegration of confidence in Washington capacity to rise above it partisan rhetoric and address the needs of those who elected them.

The growing rage and out cries of America's frustrated youth, evidenced in their fascination with the morbid and occult, should be enough to force our leaders to seriously consider a departure from the present course. You would think.

Not even the reverse-industrialization of America, the corporate plundering and takeovers, the declining purchasing power of the dollar or the multi-trillion dollar Federal budget deficit can awaken the silent majority from its comatose apathy. A coma perpetuated by Seinfeld re-runs, Monday Night Football, and the Home Shopper’s Network.

You see, to a growing number of her people, America has always represented the democratic ideal but never the reality. Americans have long felt that it government only serves the powerful and sacrifices the dreams and ambitions of its citizens to feed its lustful and shameful appetite of the 1% for control and domination.

The blood of our native sons and daughter has been spilled on the beaches, in the jungles and on the dessert sands throughout the world. All in the name of democracy: to bring to the world what the American government has failed to preserve at home. Democracy requires an educated and informed electorate for one. The masses are never encouraged to think nor are they informed. Instead, they were fed a steady diet of misinformation and propaganda.

Politicians, economist and the press has regularly assured the pubic that things will work themselves out in the end. That America will once more rise to the challenge. But, what if they’re wrong? And, that the worse is not over, but crouching in wait in the tall grass of the not too distant future.

The capitalist system itself is being called into question. The most glaring criticisms are:

1. Capitalism leads to underutilization of productive capacity.

2. Permanent sectors of unemployment.

3. Periodic crisis related to the market economy.

4. Waste associated with advertising, legalized lies.

5. Incredible poverty in the mist of wealth caused by a structural shift of America's economy from manufacturing to white collar and service industries. Tens of millions of Americans without the skills or education to compete (in the global market place) are permanently locked outside the American mainstream.

6. Racism and human exploitation practiced on a planetary scale and carried out by a neo-colonialist system, which is implemented by such “respectable” organizations as the World Bank, the Federal Reserve the IMF, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and a long list of others.

Support the movement of the 99%. God bless America and everywhere else. Read about what we 99% are up against. Real news is frightening or depressing, but liberating and enlightening.