Deviations I-IV, a series co-authored with Chris Owen. It is comprised of four (yes, count 'em, FOUR) books exploring the deep emotional and physical relationship between Tobias, a Dominant Master and Noah, his submissive lover. These books have a Dom/sub basis but are all true romances at heart.

Books I, II, and III (Submission, Domination, and Discipline) have been released and all have excerpts in my forum. Book IV is due out in November 2007.

"...through a series of encounters in the world of bondage and discipline, we learn why Noah has trouble trusting, and why Tobias is reluctant to let himself love. Still, Tobias can’t resist Noah’s charms, and the two of them set about making a scene for themselves, one that works for them and their unique set of problems. But can they stay together in a world where learning to love means accepting all of their dark secrets?"

"Are you comfortable?" Tobias asked Noah, once more inspecting the flogger.

"Yes, sir. I am," Noah answered confidently.

"You can breathe easily?" Tobias asked, walking to Noah's side.
Noah took a deep breath experimentally and then exhaled slowly. "I believe so, sir."

"Good." Tobias widened his stance a little and looked down at the naked body before him. "I do still require words, boy. Give them to me now."
Noah answered quickly. "Yellow for a warning, not to stop the session but to stop what you're doing, and red to end the session immediately."

Tobias smiled, calm settling on him like a lover, moving in him like a living thing. "You may talk, if you wish. I would like to hear you, any sounds you like. I will most certainly talk. You may not move; your body is mine. You may ask, demand, beg... your will doesn't matter. You may come; I won't stop until I wish. Do you understand?"

"I do, sir," Noah confirmed, and Tobias watched Noah's skin break suddenly into goose bumps, followed by a warm blush. Anticipation was a lovely, if brief, moment.

Without another word, without warning, Tobias began. The flogger he'd chosen had many tails, all of soft deer hide, and a very long handle. He could lay it down with ease across Noah's back with a mere flick of his wrist, not needing to bend at all. He did somewhat more than flick his wrist however; this was not a tease. He measured the weight behind it carefully, putting just enough force behind the stroke that Noah would feel it as a slap, but not so much that it would hurt.

The hurt would come from sheer repetition. There was little strain to Tobias; his upper body strength was more than adequate to maintain the light blows for a considerable time, and he had every intention of taking breaks when he needed to; between stopping every once in a while and switching arms, he was reasonably sure that he could do this for two hours if he had to.

"Shall I tell you what I know of you?" he asked, laying another stroke across Noah's back.

"Yes, please, sir." Noah sounded curious. His skin reacted slightly to the blows but not his body, not yet anyway. There was no strain in his voice at all.

Tobias continued to lay down the flogger, the blows steady and rhythmic. "Well, you yourself let me know that you're looking for something that you've yet to find. Your preference to avoid safe words and your paradoxical aversion to sensory deprivation tells me that you crave to give up control utterly, but fear it as well. Perhaps you seek the ultimate adrenaline rush."

Again the flogger fell, and again, the sound of the leather almost soothing to Tobias as it struck naked, warm skin. "You are in law enforcement, I think. Probably a police officer of some variety, given your haircut. You love your work. You take care of your body—something for which, incidentally, I thank you. You really are lovely."

"Thank you, sir. And you are…" Noah's speech was interrupted by a slap of the flogger and Tobias made a mental note of the location, "very perceptive, sir." He took an audible breath and went on. "Total sensory deprivation holds some fear for me, it's true, though not simple blindfolding and... ah..." Tobias grinned as Noah's thoughts were interrupted by a well-placed blow. His back arched slightly and then relaxed again. "I'm a patrol officer; I have a downtown beat."

"Really?" Tobias asked, his arm moving easily. "Interesting." He let the flogger fall for a few minutes, studying the glow that was forming nicely. "You have a scar which needed stitches on your shoulder. As an educated guess, I'd say you got it playing, not working. And yet you still seek to be dominated without boundaries. Tell me, do you get off on the pain itself, or is it the surrender?"

"Both, though it's more the surrender, sir." Noah licked his lips. "The pain is a present, active reminder that someone else is in control. The scar is an unpleasant reminder that even a skilled and seasoned Dom has weaknesses."

Noah didn't move, breathing evenly as he spoke, and Tobias had to wonder if his words were meant to soothe or to cut.

"Of course," he said finally. "We are, after all, human, even if we strive to be somewhat more for our submissives." He thought for a moment, his arm and the flogger keeping up the rhythm. He was unsurprised to find that his attention kept straying to the scar on Noah's back, and with an effort he pushed his curiosity away. This was not the time to dwell on Noah's past but to focus on his current state.

He spread the blows out, concentrating on the areas that made Noah arch, never making the strokes harder. For an instant he wanted to touch the forming red patches, to feel the heat rise from the smooth skin, and that too, he pushed away.

"You should see your back," he said casually. "It's a wonderful canvas. I can picture you striped from knee to shoulder, decorated by a fine hand."

"The fine hand would be yours, sir," Noah answered quickly. Tobias heard his breath catch and then he moaned, a sound related more to arousal than the steady stinging blows, and he knew without looking that Noah was hard. So much for his insistence that he didn't get off on pain. And from that moment, every slap and sting seemed to register more acutely with Noah. His back would arch to meet one blow, shrink from the next, and his breathing was shallow and light.

Finally Noah hissed and whimpered a soft, almost reluctant, "Oh, God."
Tobias didn't allow himself to hit harder or faster, though his own body asked for it. He said nothing, concentrating on the steady blows until he'd earned another moan, and then he stopped. "Stay," he said calmly, expecting to be obeyed. He crossed to the desk and opened a bottle of water, leaning back on the desk to drink.

"Do you want a cock ring?" he asked mildly.

Noah seemed pleased to be asked. "Yes, sir, yes, please," he answered, apparently forcing himself to breathe deeper, slower, balancing that ball on his feet with stubborn determination.

Tobias set his bottle down and went to the cabinet, rummaging around for a moment. He took his time selecting a simple leather ring with a snap closure before standing over Noah. "Roll over."

"I'll drop the ball, sir," Noah reminded him, and clearly that wasn't acceptable to him.

Tobias grinned, utterly pleased. "Very good, boy." He bent and scooped up the ball ringing it merrily. "Now, roll over."

"Thank you, sir." Noah complied with the request, rolling onto his back and fixing his eyes on the ceiling.

His erection was thick and heavy, angled nicely to just the spot Noah seemed to be staring at. Tobias shook his head in amusement and crouched down, gently handling it. "Remember, you can come. Though it will be harder now. I have faith, however." He snapped the ring on and stroked Noah rapidly a few times. "You like my arm?" he asked.

"Ah!" Noah hissed and arched into Tobias’ hand reflexively. "Yes. Yes, sir, very steady, consistent... very good," he panted and lowered his hips to the pillows again. He shifted, as if lying on his back wasn't comfortable.
"Good. Roll over, back the way you were." Tobias stood easily and retrieved the flogger while Noah did as he was told. He found himself eager to hear more sounds, to see Noah shift; ruefully, he took a moment to adjust his own erection before returning to replace the ball in Noah's feet.
Again without warning he resumed his strokes, beginning in a sensitive area and moving to Noah's ass, open and high for him.

"Ah!" Noah flinched and groaned at the first stroke as the flogger hit already reddened skin and he lifted his head, a beautiful wince on his face rewarding Tobias’ efforts. The blows to his as yet untouched ass were less stinging at first and Noah was able to relax a bit, dropping his head back to his arms.

Still, with his legs open it couldn't be avoided, and even if it could, Tobias wasn't inclined to. As the biting tails of the flogger stung the soft skin of Noah's balls he shifted forward, recoiling slightly. "Uh, fuck," Noah cursed at the sting, his voice tight now, and his body seeming to buzz with tension.

Carefully, Tobias moved back up Noah's ass and then down again, making the strokes lighter. He had no wish to injure the man, but he wanted to hear him beg, to hear him ask for something— anything. He wanted a word, an orgasm, a reaction to make Noah break for him, to give him something.

He wanted a gift.