I'm so excited I dont know what to do with myself...so here I am to share the news that 'Eulogy's Secret' is now available!!!

A story of greed, prejudice and stolen identity!
In the four weeks since her guardianís death, Eulogy Foster has lost everything. She travels to lace w:st="on">Londonlace> seeking the help of Lord Lucien Devlin, the estranged brother who doesnít know she exists. But Lord Devlin turns her away and alone on the streets, Eulogy is attacked, robbed and thrown onto the mercy of a passing stranger.
Jack Huntley - bitter, cynical and betrayed in love -believes women are devious, scheming creatures and not to be trusted. So when one night he saves a naive young woman from rape, little does he suspect how life is about to change. Despite his growing attraction to Miss Foster, Jack has a problem: Eulogy Foster has a secret and he canít trust her.
As Eulogy learns the haunting story of her motherís past, she knows she will only marry for true love. Deeply drawn to Jack Huntley, she needs him to confess his love before she shares the secret of her birth. Caught in a deadlock, with neither able to confess their true feelings, events take a sinister turn as it becomes clear someone wants Eulogy Foster dead and will stop at nothing to achieve it.