LOL - I think I wrote on my own page before I figured out how to post. It's late, but that's no excuse. ;-D

I'm an author (Double Crossing--western historical suspense, think "True Grit" on a train) and an artist. I'm sure I know many of you from Facebook, Goodreads, etc. Just a few things before I hit the hay ... I love to read mysteries, romance, YA and picture books (yes, picture books!) plus cartoons like Peanuts, For Better or Worse, LuAnn, Pickles, The Far Side, Rubes, Calvin & Hobbes, and many others... I love Remington Steele and Trixie Belden, so if that dates me, oh well. LOL

I will read zombie books, paranormals, sci/fi/fantasy - pretty much everything but erotica (not my thing.) I prefer TEA to coffee (sorry!) but I do like Arby's Jamocha shakes.

Please friend me! I'm lonely. ;-D