Contemporary/mild romantic suspense


ISBN: 978-0-9847645-1-8

You never quite know how love will find you…
Peeing. There’s a little boy peeing on his aunt’s front porch and Buck Washington, Sheriff of Hope Springs, Alaska, couldn’t be more shocked. That is, until the kid’s mother silences Buck's steadfast parental advice—with the hose.

Edie Matthews instantly regrets the reckless move. On the run from her abusive husband, Edie has kidnapped her stepson, determined to protect the child from the man she is confident murdered his first wife.

Avoiding Buck is best, but then the infuriating man exacts revenge—with a water gun. Soon, her new neighbor isn’t just asking questions, he’s asking Edie on a date.
Can Edie dare to love again? To trust in a man…and her new identity? Or will her secrets come back to bite them both?

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Excerpt: Her Only Hope
Copyright 2011 Kat Jones

Spurred into motion, Edie searched out her shoes and jogged down the steps, caught off guard when she saw a tall shadow through the etched glass window of the front door.

Her heart skipped a beat. Doug?

Of course not, silly! Nice town, very nice people. No angry ex. He couldn’t harm her or Reece ever again.

Reminding herself to breathe, she asked, “Who is it?”

“Your neighbor. Buck. Otherwise known as Hope Springs’ Police Chief.”

Edie froze in place at that news, stunned. Scared.

Of all the dumb luck!

“Open up. Now.” The doorknob rattled. “We need to talk.”
Now she’d gone and done it. No doubt he intended to arrest her.

Desperately, she considered fleeing. Attempting an escape.

But where would she go? “Buck, I’m sorry about earlier. Please…just be reasonable….”

What if he’d discovered the truth about her? What if—

“Edie, open the door. We need to get some matters cleared up between us.”

No other choice, she held her breath and twisted the knob, coming face-to-face with a gun barrel.

A loaded Super Soaker water gun wielded by Mr. Buck Serious himself.

What the—

“Payback!” Buck fired away, his rapidly squeezing forefinger pumping pressurized water at her. He soaked her sweater, making it cling to her breasts as little droplets littered the hardwood floor below.

Now she understood what it was like to be stunned stupid.

She certainly hadn’t seen this coming, not from him.

Nor had she noticed how terribly cute his lopsided grin was. Or the way his raven eyes danced and sparkled.

She supposed that was because he hadn’t been smiling. But he sure was now. And doling out a well-earned comeuppance—more than her fair share, in Edie’s opinion.

The water moved upward, hitting her face. Her recently washed, styled hair.

Buck’s deep chuckle filled the air. “Woman, you just gonna stand there?”

Of course she wasn’t!

“My name is Edie, not woman! Stop!” Not wanting a mess in the house, Edie squealed and fled out the door. Too late to salvage her curls, she cried, “Stop! I’m not armed, you butthead!”


Apparently name-calling wasn’t a good incentive for him to show mercy.

Mercy! That was it.

“Mercy, mercy!” Hands in the air to block the water, she squealed the renowned word over and over, though it didn’t seem to work as well as rumored. “Mercy, mercy! Truce!”

Where was a white flag when she needed one?

But even as she pleaded, she didn’t really mean it. It wasn’t in her to turn down a good water fight, no matter the person. Or the circumstances.

It felt good to laugh. Such a relief from the tension her life had been put under lately.

She only wished she had her own water gun. But…

Can beat ’em, join ’em, right? If it was a fight Buck wanted, it was a fight he’d get. Somehow.

Barging past his looming frame, she scrambled down the porch steps with him hot on her heels, shooting to soak.