Midnight Seduction Anthology
Evernight Publishing
MF erotic paranormal romance
Heat Level: 3
Word Count 9,500


When a vengeful spirit casts a powerful spell on Roland Allerton III, he's trapped in a portrait except for one day of the year, Halloween. The only way to escape is to find true love. Roland spent his youth chasing women, and he continues his pursuits one day a year, until he sees Tess.

Great Aunt Emily's house was a second home to Tess Camille. Ever since childhood, she's spent countless hours fantasizing and dreaming about the man in the painting. When she inherits the home after Aunt Emily passes away, Tess decides to spend Halloween weekend in the house. Alone...


Trapped in a painting with a constant hard-on, forced to watch a parade of lovely young ladies with no hope of sexual release except one night a year gave one little time for reflecting on virtue.

Unable to escape, or move anything other than his eyes, he’d been helpless. Trapped, year after year, decade after decade, with a constant parade of new faces and curious gazes his only amusement.

Now his fondest wish had come true. Tess was here, in this room, on Halloween Eve. He’d gone without sex for decades. The constant ache in his groin was unbearable. His entire body burned with desire.

“I’m not afraid of you anymore,” she whispered.

Tess teased the edges of the frame with her fingers. The sensation was like feathers tickling his skin. The throbbing in his loins reached unparalleled heights. When he was released from the painting at midnight, he was going to seduce this woman if it was the last act he ever performed. He had to have her. She was the most seductive creature he’d ever seen.

A sly smile stole over her beautiful face and he tensed, waiting. In one swift movement she pulled off her sweater, revealing a lacy black bra that barely contained her breasts. He tried to moan but nothing came out. The pain spread from his groin up to his throat, begging for release.

All he could do was watch as she smiled into his eyes and teased her nipples through the bra. Arousal covered her features. Was her pussy wet? Would she touch it right here in front of him? Did she know he could see her?

Fire tore through his veins as she reached behind and unhooked the bra. Her nipples were dusky and taut, reaching toward him, straining to reach his mouth. His only comfort were the images of how he would suckle them later, lick them, nip at them until she cried out in pleasure and begged him to fuck her.

Her hands cupped her breasts, she closed her eyes, and he tried desperately to move but it was no use. How many hours until midnight? He’d never survive until then if she didn’t stop right now.