The Devil And The Dark Island
Audrey McCellan

A lot is happening on the Island, and incomers are behind much of it. A property developer with evil intentions has his eye on the beautiful coastline, and elements both real and unreal will disapprove. An archaeologist from Cornwall is looking for a Mesolithic site which he believes exists on Eilean Dubh, and he finds help and romance in the person of newspaper editor/wildflower nut Anna Wallace. Joe Munro's mother Helen comes to visit, to the delight of Minister Donald, who falls hard for her. Màiri MacDonald has a wild new scheme to finance improvements to the Gaelic Playschool. Bonnie Prince Jamie is confronted by ghostly wisps who want something from him that he's not sure he's prepared to give. And Jean is contemplating a new addition to the family, to Darroch's pleasure and Rosie's dismay. Talking seals and fairies make their appearance, too. As Jean would say, whatever next?