Welcome to a wonderful month of amazing stories, greatauthors, and just the most intense soon-to-reads you've seen in a while! So pick a day, or everyday and join me as welook at all the different dates of delicious decadence . (Say that fast threetimes)


If you don't know which day to pick, you have a choicefrom Melange Books Authors , Bewitching Tours Authors, NuncaSola Authors andmany more all sharing their great books!

So pick a date....pick all the dates!

And make sure to leave comments. I shall be watching (*evil grin and laugh *clears throat**)

Two lucky contest reading lovers will be chosen from the emails for the chance to win two gift cards.

What kind of gift card?

Two $50.00 Amazon Gift Cards!

So pay attention out there, the first contest is onNovember 27th and the second on December 18th!

And away we go!

Starting off the tour isDavid Russell on a two day whirlwind!

See youall on the Mystique pages!


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Calendar Of Lovelies

November6 – David Russell – Part I

November7 – David Russell - Part II

November8 – Berta Platas

November10 – Sultry Summers – The Heirs of theDragon’s Eye

November11 – Anna James – Isabella’s Dilemma

November12 – NuncaSola’s - Guest Blog – Del Carmen

November13th - 19th: Curious Hearts Anthology Authors


Nov14 - Jane Carver

Nov15 – Walt Trizna

Nov16 – TD Jones

Nov17 – James N. Cricket

Nov18 - Jenny Twist


November20th - 26th: Spellbound Anthology Authors

Nov20 – John Mecom

Nov21 – Tara Fox Hall

Nov22 – Walt Trizna

Nov23 – Joanna Foreman

Nov24 – John Steiner

Nov25 – Tori Ridgewood

Nov26 – Jenny Twist

November27th – FIRST CONTEST!!!!!

November28th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Rashda Khan

November29th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Elysa Hendricks

November30th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Arwen Lynch

December1st – Book Tour Blog for Michelle Beattie

December2nd - Kiss and Tell Tour - Melissa Mayhue

December3rd – Kiss and Tell Tour - Karen McCullough

December4th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Nina Pierce

December5th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Barbara Monajem

December6th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Laura Kaye

December7th – Kiss and Tell Tour - Stacey Kennedy

December8th – Judy Powell Guest Blog for Hot Summer

December10th – Lizzy Ford Guest Blog for Damian’s Oracle

December12th – Kasonndra Leigh Guest Blog When Copper Suns Fall

December14th - Ruth J. Hartman

December15th- Anna James – Shattered Dreams

December16th – Zoraida Cordova – Mermaids/Mermen

December17th - Nunca Sola’s Terri Molina

December18th - SECOND CONTEST!!!!!