Eden Robins
After Sundown Redemption

"Stouthearted stood that war prince
With his shield upraised,
Waited in his war-gear.
The dragon coiled together,
Went forth burning,
Gliding toward his fate.

—From Beowulf

Death’s hand reached out to her. It was so close Sabrina Reyes could almost feel it squeezing the last breath from her body. It couldn't end this way, could it? After everything she had endured. After all the battles she fought and still had to fight, it just couldn't. She had too much to do, too much to learn, and too much to show the world about herself and her kind.

Due to the late hour, she and her attacker stood facing each other in the middle of an almost empty Arizona State University campus parking lot. They were engaged in some sort of macabre dance. His hands were wrapped tightly around her neck, while she jerked wildly and clawed desperately at his wrists. The world closed in around her and her knees started to give way. She fought the sense of falling at first, struggling to stand, then realized her mistake.

Energy suddenly filled her, and adrenaline pumped through her body as she realized this was her last chance for survival. Summoning the strength that was so familiar to her, she prepared herself. Her body quivered with the effort it took to control the power filling her. It was always like this, so overwhelming and somewhat scary, but at the same time exhilarating and freeing.

That was all suddenly shut off the minute her attacker tightened his hold on her neck and spoke.

"You power is my power, your will is mine."

His dark words were simple enough, yet in combination with his tightened grip on her air supply, they completely overpowered her. The energy that had filled her was suddenly leashed and that part of her that yearned to get free was caged.

What the hell was happening? Sabrina panicked. If she couldn't summon her power, if she couldn't use that, what would she do?