The fifth installment of the popular new series with a fresh take on the battle of the sexes, All Woman, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book Five), is now available at the following online book sellers:

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ISBN: 978-1-4659-0521-5

In this fifth installment of the popular new series, The Jake Stone Thrillers, Jake's lovely but ferocious friend, Snowflake, meets her most formidable opponent to date. Can Jake help his beloved Snowflake overcome this deadly foe, or will he fall prey once again to his many weaknesses?

If you aren't yet acquainted with this rollicking new series, check out Deception, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book One) for a novel take on the battle of the sexes.

"In this fifth volume of The Jake Stone Thrillers, Snowflake must battle a lethal foe with almost supernatural strength. This book features what has to be one of the most bizarre fight scenes of all time. At about 60,000 words and over 200 pages, this is the longest book in the series, which to date comprises nearly a quarter million words. I hope that Peters has another couple hundred thousand words in him. The evolving relationship between the often hapless Jake and the always dynamic Snowflake is just too rich and quirky to end now." Theodora K.

"There's no question that Peters is a master wordsmith." Gerry B's Book Reviews

"T.L. Peters' way of writing is wonderful." Kyanara