The Wilco Project by Daniel Springer

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"THE WILCO PROJECT combines murder mystery with elements of a technological thriller, blending the genres in a deftly written manuscript...the author delivers a well-executed thriller." --Publishers Weekly

Product Description

When a phone call requesting his presence at a campus murder scene shatters Professor Steven Archer's Saturday morning, he has no idea how the tragic events of the next forty-eight hours will change his life forever.

The dot-com millionaire turned college professor rushes to the scene and is devastated to learn that the victim died playing a cell phone game he invented. When his project manager becomes the prime suspect, Steven is thrust into the complex murder case against his will.

After a second student is murdered, everything is at risk—the fate of his project manager, the lives of the college students and Steven's own career and reputation. Together with an old detective friend and a campus cub reporter, Steven must hunt down the killer using all of his expertise before he strikes again.