Hi All,

My name is Lesley-Ann and I am a single 40 year old. I am the frustrated aunt of three very active boys who keep me busy and more than a little insane most of the time.

I am an avid reader of mainly romance novels and have been reading them for over 25 years now. I read all types of romance novels but especially love the genres of paranormal, with the occasional contemporary or historical when I fancy a break from the shifters and vamps.

I read both m/m and m/f novels but have never taken a liking to f/f books at all. So I read nearly all types of romance books. As long as there is actually a story to go with the more adult elements of any books I read I'm generally a happy reader.

I read in both DTB and digital formats. I love my various readers which include a Sony 505, a Kindle and now a Kobo Vox.

Well, that's about all I can think of for the moment. So I'll finish here for now.