Ingela F. Hyatt's The Rogue Who Loved Me: Book One of The Rogues Gallery

She will use her body to discover his secrets...

Poor and innocent, Aubriana Welbrey is concealing a terrible truth--her smuggling brother murdered the local revenue officer and she will do anything to protect him…even spy on the dark and dangerous Lord Ravenspur--a traitor to England, according to Sheriff Hodgeson who hired her. But to garner all of Ravenspur's secrets, she must first become his mistress.

He will play the fool for no woman...

Alexande Telford, the Marquis of Ravenspur, is no
insouciant Lothario as the ton believes--he's a spy for the Crown, on a mission to capture the murderer of the revenue officer and stop a traitor from betraying England to France.

Then there is his lovely new mistress, which Alex suspects may be somehow involved. Can he seduce her secrets without surrendering his own?

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