I'll be hosting a chat this Friday to discuss realistic vs fantasy Doms in BDSM romances. I tend to write the more realistic ones (yeah, that means they sometimes screw up). I've also invited BDSM authors who write fantasy Doms and even really dark Doms. It should be a fun chat (9-11 p.m. EST US time on Dec. 9).

If you haven't read the introduction to my series, I'm offering free downloads this month. It's a 58,000 word book giving some of the life and BDSM backgrounds for three of the Doms in the Rescue Me series. It's full of teasers for the upcoming romances, but gives you an idea of how these three men bonded on the battlefield--and in the aftermath--then decided to start the Masters at Arms BDSM Club. To get your free copy, go to http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/80282 and use coupon code LN28Q.

The second book in the series--Nobody's Angel is available now and the third book, Nobody's Hero, will be available later this month.

I hope to see lots of you Friday night! This will be my first time to host a chat, but my friends and I are planning lots of fun, including games and prizes! Oh, and you'll meet some VERY hot Doms (because realistic or fantasy--they're all hawt)!