Stockings and Suspenders Anthology
Evernight Publishing
MFM erotic contemporary romance
Heat Level 4
Word Count 8,934

Dark-haired beauty Nita is lost in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. Her GPS is dead and she can't get a cell phone signal. Coming off six months of hell, during which she lost her job and found out her husband had already been married with kids, Nita has misgivings about facing a family dinner. She spies a light through the woods and heads for the house in the hopes she can use their phone or find the street she's looking for on a map.

Cameron and Alex were college roommates and are now co-workers. For the past two years they've been obsessed with Nita after hearing her speak at a convention. After the story about her ex-husband's other family made the national news, both held onto the fantasy they'd meet her again. When she shows up on their doorstep, lost and cold, they persuade her to stay for dinner... and maybe even dessert...


“Spend the night,” she repeated, her eyes roaming over Alexander’s button-down shirt. Did he look as yummy naked as she imagined?

“Yes. With us.”

“I’ve never spent the night with strangers.”

“We’re not strangers anymore, Nita.”

“I’m confused. I don’t know what to do.”

All she could comprehend was that she was drunk, horny, and two delicious-looking men were sitting too close for comfort. Instead of frightening her, the realization filled her with a peaceful slipping sensation, as though she could fall into their arms and be perfectly content to stay there for the rest of her life.

A sharp sliver of fear tried to force its way in. They had put something in her drink. She pushed away the thought as soon as it took shape. They weren’t going to hurt her. She knew that from the look in their eyes and the tender way Cameron now stroked her arm, sending shock waves of desire straight to her soaking wet pussy.

“You haven’t been treated right, Nita,” Cameron’s voice whispered close to her ear. When his tongue flicked over it she gasped. Images of that tongue on her nipples filled her mind.

“What Gabe did to you was unforgiveable,” said Alex, slipping off her boots.

Anger shot through Nita like hot pokers. She sat straight up. “Don’t talk about him. Don't.”

Tears stung her eyes, and before she could wipe them away Cameron’s hand gently stroked her cheek. His dark eyes bored into hers. “It’s all right. He won’t ever hurt you again.”

Nita’s breath hitched in her throat. “He was already married to someone else.”

“We know,” said Alexander, his hands running up and down her calves.

“They had kids. I can’t… I can’t have any. He didn’t want me after that. But it was all a fucking lie anyway. He already had another life. He had a wife and kids in fucking Des Moines Iowa.”

“It’s okay, Nita.” Cameron’s lips nuzzled her neck, and a fresh wave of heat shot through her body. “That’s all behind you now. We’ll help you forget him.”

Alex continued stroking her calves. Nita watched his hands, mesmerized by their soft touch. She willed them to continue up all the way to her aching pussy.

“Have you ever made love to two men at once, Nita?” Alexander gently pulled off her pantyhose, holding her gaze with his beautiful eyes.

“No.” Nita bit her lip to keep from crying out. His fingertips on her bare legs sent spasms through her entire body. She was so close to coming all he’d have to do was touch her clit. How could this be real? She’d never been with two men at the same time, but she’d fantasized about it often enough. The images had invaded her dreams for years.

“Well then, think of us as a Christmas present.”