It has been a long hard road to get my book re edited and fully revised. Harder still was formatting it to meet smashwords style guide. Thanks to a dear friend and fellow author Tom Williams it is now available. I did get it on NOOK, and now hope to have it on Kindle soon. The Wardrobe is a thriller and to tell you the truth I think I like writing historical romance better. It is creepy writing something based on historical events that deal with demons and witchcraft. One of Tom's books, A Guide to Skinny Dipping is a fun read for those who like real life love stories. He is also on smashwords, worth checking out. Now it's off to do research for the sequel and start the edit job on another book. If I learned one things this year, it is never give up. You can write a book and get it out on ebooks for others to enjoy. Also it helps to have other authors as friends, they can be a world of support. I have made many friendships on fb who are published authors and others like myself, who are just starting out. It's worth the time to befriend such great people. Enjoy your holiday and keep writing.