Hey guys.

My name is Jeri. I just re-joined the community. Had some issues with my old account.

I love love love reading books of any Genre except horror. Am hesitant about reading comedy too except for some selected authors works. But otherwise give me any book and I will read it in one day (or maybe its because I have a lot of time in my hands nowadays)

My favorites are mysteries, drama, law-based (like John Grisham novels) and definitely romance in any form whether historical, mainstream, paranormal etc etc.

I tried my hand at reviewing books a couple of months back and realized giving neutral reviews in limited words is very much harder then just reading a book and discussing opinions with people. I had to re-read each book slowly, carefully and critically and then think extra carefully on what to write to get the point across in a specific word limit. So, I give hats off to all the reviewers here for their hard-work in reviewing books for us day after day and the authors for taking the reviews of their hard work in such a good way.

Thats it for now. See you guys around in the forum.

Best Regards.