Bunny Club: Book 1 in the F*ck Like Bunnies series from Stephanie Beck

When rumors about a sex club lead them to the real thing, Jarrod and his cousin Alex think they’ve found nirvana. Filled with bubbly blondes and luscious brunettes, the Bunny Club is any man’s wet dream. Surrounded by their sexual fantasies, they settle in for an unbelievable night filled with women, sex and pleasure unlike anything they’ve ever dreamed.

When the sex turns weird and men start dying at the hands of the gorgeous women, Jarrod’s and Alex’s plans to get laid are put on the back burner in favor of escaping the Bunny Club with their lives—if they don’t die with smiles on their faces first.

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What had started as a curiosity had become an obsession. Jarrod typed “bunny club” into the search engine and checked over his shoulder before hitting Enter. He didn’t want anyone looking at his computer screen or asking any questions. The usual rabbit sites and run-of-the-mill porn popped up. He rubbed his head and checked over his shoulder again before moving to the next page.
When he’d moved to Chicago he’d heard about a sex club from one of his coworkers. They talked about the mysterious place in whispers around the water cooler when they were sure the women weren’t around. Jarrod had seesawed between fascination and scorn. Through the whispers, he’d sifted the lies from glimmers of truth and he was almost sure he knew where to find the club.
He clicked to the last page and froze. There it was. Instead of black writing, pink lit the final entry. He clicked it but found the website offered nothing except a title and address in pink on a black page. His hand shook as he pulled out a piece of paper and pen. The moment he had the address jotted down, the pink letters blinked away.
Jarrod refreshed the page but it came up as a server error. He cursed himself for not writing down the complicated website, but he had what he needed. The Bunny Club. He stared at the address. He didn’t know the area and wasn’t familiar enough with Chicago to find it on his own. He could use his GPS, but he grinned as a second option came to mind.
Jarrod grabbed his cell phone and stepped away from his desk, waving slightly at his neighbor before striding to the stairway.
His cousin picked up on the second ring. “What’s up, fucker?”
“The Bunny Club, that’s what’s up. I found it.”
Quiet filled the line and Jarrod wondered if the connection died. “You there, Alex?”
“I’m taking off work right now. I’ll meet you at your apartment.”
“At least show—”
He was talking to air, but Jarrod didn’t mind. He closed his phone and flipped it in his hand. Everything on his desk could wait another day. He’d tell his supervisor he had a stomach problem, head home, take a shower and put on his clubbing clothes. Jarrod grinned as he stepped back into the office. He was going to the Bunny Club.

Wecome to the Bunny Club!!

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Stephanie Beck