Wrapping things up!

Okay class, we’ve covered the basics from writing from the Male POV as well as creating the perfect Hero, be he a lost soul or fit into any of our other archetypes. We’ve discussed his emotional, and the fact that he acts according to a logical path, not an emotional one until that breaking point is reached where he must change his behavior.

We’ve covered a lot of ground that I hope will help you write better from the Male POV. Now it’s time to tackle the final part of writing from the male POV.

Wrapping things up is the finishing touches on your story written from His POV. If you’ve successfully followed any of my advice, modified any of it to fit your stories, great! It’s important to carry over his new change in behavior, modifying his language so that he still sounds like him but now he’s an improved version thereof. His clothes are a little neater at the end of the story, his posture is a little better, hell he may even be clean shaven at this point. Whatever the changes are, they’re subtle enough for our readers to know that he’s grown a LOT and it was a combination of his doing because of her, and her helping him, because of him.

The only real difference between writing from one POV to the other is what’s perceived by each one. Men tend to be more visual says the stereotype, hence porno is for them. Visuals of buxom, gorgeous (sometimes…) naked women with bodies that fit each and every male appetite are found everywhere on the internet. Hell, I like to use Google images to search porno when I’m bored haha!

But women are supposed to focus on the body language, the emotions and expressions, also visual cues, just different ones that women are taught to react to. And we call that “porno” erotica. This is nothing new, just rehashed material to be given in proper context.

Everything in romance and writing is cyclical. Some things tend to happen in circles over many years in a series, others take up just one book. Contemporary romances tend to fit the bill on the latter while those of us who write paranormal anything don’t seem content to just write one story. Our universes are so important to us as writers that we create more around them because they’re fun.

Just like cross gender writing!

With that, I’d like to thank you al for dropping in, participating, lurking and spreading the word that I was hosting my first workshop here at Coffee Time Romance. It was a pleasure definitely to be able to do this and I’d like to thank the moderators for their time as well!