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    Lightbulb Night of Dreams

    Set of the first scene:

    Night of Dreams

    She knew someone was following her and it was time to move on from Tifton.

    Pamela love the state of Georgia, but she would never let the Scott's get their hands on her son. She did not care about the money her son would inherit from his GrandFather.

    It was blood money.
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    The crickets chirred around her as she crept through front yard. Her son, slept in her arms, and with nothing but what was on her back, she made her way though the tall grass. She could do this. She was strong enough. At least, if Pamela kept telling herself that, she thought it might be true.

    As she approached the old car, she asked herself if she had everything she needed. Corey’s insulin? Yes. She had all of his diabetic supplies. Test strips, reader, needles, insulin. Cash? Scott, the bastard, would either cut off all the credit cards or at least use them to track her. She had a good amount of cash on her and she had her PayPal debit card—an account that Scott never knew about. The backpack held three changes of clothing for the both of them and in her hand she held the heaviest car keys she’d ever carried.

    The car could be traced, but three counties over Markus should be waiting for her to swap vehicles. This should—should—play out like a common disappearance.

    If only she could lift her hand and put the key in the door. Pamela stared at the long Ford key. The silver of the key seemed to magnify the moonlight. A clear night for clear thoughts. Finally, clear thoughts. Finally, she’d made it this far. Her heart raced in her chest and she worked her arm under her son’s knees trying to get the key to the door. It missed. Missed by a long shot.


    Cutting her eyes to her sleepy son’s face, Pamela whispered, “Sh, sh, sweetheart, just go back to sleep.”

    “Momma?” Corey lifted one of his small hands and patted her face. “Don’t worry, Momma. When I’m bigger daddy won’t hurt you no more.”

    And that’s all the courage Pamela needed. “Don’t worry, baby, Daddy won’t do that anymore now.” She pushed the key into the door and put her son in the passenger seat. Scott was, most likely, too drunk to hear the car start, but she didn’t want to risk it. After putting the backpack in the floor between Corey’s feet, she stretched an arm across her son’s thighs and put the car in neutral.
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    Default Night of Dreams

    Pamela held her breath, gave Corey's sleep rumpled hair a shake and turned the ignition.


    "Damned piece of crap," she swore and tried again. Not even a groan. Frantically, she tried the radio, the lights, all dead. "I hate you," she screamed. "I hate you!"

    "Momma, what's happening?" Did I do something wrong?" Corey's eyes widened in fright and he clutched his mother's trembling arm. "I'm sorry. Don't be mad, please."

    Pamela grabbed her child and held him tight. Waves of rage crashed through her body and wiped out any fear she'd had. What kind of monster had she married that could cause such terror in their little boy?

    "No, baby," she whispered, holding his tear soaked chin in her hand. "You didn't do one thing wrong, understand? Mommy's just mad at this stupid car, that's all. It's a stupid, stupid car."

    "Stupid car," he parroted.

    "We're going to get out quiet as two little mice, okay? Can you do that?"

    Corey nodded.

    Pamela opened the door slowly but the loud squeak seemed amplified and seemed to drown out the cricket's concert. She reached over, grabbed Corey and the backpack and moved quickly but stealthily down the driveway.

    The moon was full tonight. At least she had that break. With a steady stride she walked without stopping until she'd reached the Anderson's house. Corey had fallen asleep again and with aching arms, Pamela put Corey down carefully under a magnificent live oak.

    Now what? If she'd had time to think this out a little better, she would have come up with a Plan B. But here she was, less than two miles from home and without a car. How long would it be before Frankie Scott sobered up and called the rest of the Scott clan? She'd tried once before, only once. Pamela absently fingered the two inch scar high on her forehead. She hadn't made it further than the front door.

    Not again. Never again.

    She picked up Corey and began walking, increasing the stride of her steps.

    Suddenly, the road lit up.


    It was too late to run. Pamela knew she'd been spotted.

    A black Miata pulled next to her and an unfamiliar voice called out.
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    Default NIGHT OF DREAMS--Pamela takes the road most traveled

    Pamela clutched Corey to her breast, held her breath and pressed heself against the oak tree as though it were possible to mold herself into the trunk.
    The Miata stopped and with the engine idling, a tall stranger stepped out. He stared at Pamela and seemingly surprised, at Corey's small sleeping body.
    Pamela reached in her pocket and found the long Ford keys. If he got any closer to her baby, she'd go for his throat.
    "Didn't expect to see anyone out on the Fairfax road at this time. Are you all right? Can I be of assistance?"
    Pamela knew the long arm of her in-laws and their influence over just about everybody in the county. She trusted no one. "We're fine. Just out for a walk."
    "A bit late for a midnight stroll, if you ask me."
    "I don't believe anybody did ask you." She stared defiantly into the stranger's blue eyes and fingered the car keys. "You don't look familiar. Why don't you tell me what you are doing out at this time?"
    "Getting out of Georgia and into South Carolina. Know what they say about you can never go home again? Believe me, it's true. If I never see Sommesville--my sacred birthpplace--it's none too soon for me."
    "So, you're telling me you are just passing through."
    "Fast as I legally can, ma'am. Hope to be in Charleston by tomorrow. I'm as sick of this state as it is of me." He pushed back a lock of curly, black hair. "But I guess that's more information than you're interested in."
    Pamela arched an eyebrow. Under other circumstances, she would have appreciated the strength of his jawbone, his thick jet black hair and the riple of muscles stretching out of his tee shirt.
    "So, I'll make my exit. I thought you might be in trouble, but if you're sure..."
    "I'm sure." Pamela felt anything but sure. Maybe he didn't have anything to do with Scotts. Letting him go could be the biggest mistake of her life.
    He got bak into the car and slammed the door.
    "Momma," cried Corey. "Is it Daddy? Is he going to hit you again?"
    The door opened and the man got out slowly. He bent down and looked at Corey. "Hi, little man. I thought you might need a little help."
    "Yes," he said. "Daddy made Momma cry. He threw his bottle at Momma and it smashed all over the wall. Then he got my snow globe with the happy family and...." Corey's slow sobs grew into a wail.
    Pamela hadn't thought her heart had any pieces big enough to break, but found even slivers could shatter. "Shh, baby, it's okay. It's okay."
    "Ma'am, if you don't mind my intruding. I don't think it is okay. My name is Zach and I can understand you not wanting to trust a stranger, but I don't think you've got a choice, do you?
    Pamela looked into Zach's face and saw the truth. She had to take the chance and trust this man. "Let's go," she said.
    Pamela held Corey on her lap and as Zach stepped on the gas, she looked in the sideview mirrow and said a silent goodbye to Tipton.
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    In the dim dashboard lighting, Zach glanced over at the two sleeping figures in his passenger seat.

    He hadn't caught the woman's nor the child's names, but her horror strictened face, when he pulled up, told him enough to know the look of a woman on the run from abuse. The few words the child had spoken before bursting into heart-wretching sobs had been enough to tear down even the toughest men, himself included.

    Zach had lived a rough life and he'd seen a lot of hardships in his time, but he was softhearted beneath his gruff exterior and well, he couldn't easily leave a damsel in distress. Especially not one with a child in tow wandering down the road in the middle of the night.

    In the moonlight she had stood out like a dark murky dream, dressed in black denim jeans and what looked like a navy blue sweat shirt, her long blonde hair swung down around her waist from a ponytail and she had a slightly prominent scar across her forehead. At first he thought her a figment of his tired eyes and imagination, but when she'd looked frantically in his direction and then backed against the tree she had reminded him of a skittish cat.

    He knew she was in trouble, whoever she was. And after what the boy had said, there was no way he was leaving her there, like a sacrifice to the devil. Apparently she was married to him.

    Zach tried to concentrate on the road ahead of him in the high beams of the headlights. From time to time he would glance over again when he senses the woman stir in her sleep or hear the child's small snores pressed against his mother's chest.

    What the heck are you doing Zach? he chastised himself. He had enough trouble on his behind than to take this woman and her child with him to Charleston.

    How could he just dump her and the child there once they arrived though? It wouldn't be very nice of him, but he had his own problems to handle and a life to leave behind and he didn't need more trouble following him. Unfortunately, if her problems gave chase, he'd brought it on himself the moment he'd stopped to see if she needed help.
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    (I couldn’t find a Sommesville, GA. So, I put their starting point in Brooks County.)

    So, it was settled then. There’d be no dumping for she was a damsel in distress and he, apparently, a knight in shining armor. He glanced down at his cotton knit shirt. Maybe not so shining. He remembered his “lack of employment” situation. Maybe not so knightly either. Cutting a quick glance toward her, he wondered if Cinderella would be upset once she realized she’d been cheated. As far as knights go, Zach was at the bottom of the barrel.

    Mile markers zoomed past on the side of the road and he thought that “bottom of the barrel” thing might be a bit too hard on himself. Sure, he was out of work. Yes, his clothing was far from armor. But! For the next so-many-hundred miles, Cinderella and the child would be safe. Just thinking about what would have caused that bruise on her face made him feel ill.

    She softly moaned and yawned. “Sorry, I must have dozed off.”

    Zach smiled. “It seems like you’ve had a rough time of it as of late. I’m glad you felt safe enough to rest.”

    “Where are we?”

    “Roundabouts the county line.”

    “Which county?”

    “Leaving Lowndnes. I like to drive on coasts. So, I’m heading there.”

    She sighed with what sounded like relief. “Do you mind if we make a short pit stop in Clinch county?”

    “Not at all.” He stole a quick glance and watched her shift a lock of hair from the boy’s face. “So, what’s your name?”

    Silence answered his question. The hum of the road filled the car and the clack of the spacers in the road made the hum seem all the more thick. The quiet grew uncomfortable and he nodded. “Fair enough. I’ll just call you Cinderella.” Apparently, she had trust issues and a name was mighty personal.

    “Why Cinderella?”

    “Cuz, I reckon, you just found your knight in shining armor.” He chuckled. “If you consider the cheap wax job ‘shiny’ and foreign steel ‘armor’.” If his ears didn’t deceive him, that just might have been a giggle from the beautiful, but bruised Cinderella. “Sorry, but I’m fresh out of shoes.”

    And that was a true laugh from her.

    Perhaps he owned no armor, but he could pull off being the good guy, couldn’t he?

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