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Thread: Night of Dreams

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    Lacey threw another log on the fire. Sparks flew and resettled. The night had cooled some, but the chill she felt was not in the air but deep inside the marrow of her bones. She hugged herself before turning around to face Pammy and Zach. Seeing her twin sister after all these years was the most wonderful thing and what she'd wanted more than anything for longer then she could remember, but how could life become so complicated so quick?

    She sat down on the blue and yellow chintz sofa and stared at Zach and Pamela sitting next to each other on the matching couch across from her. They look like a couple, she thought. "We need to tell Zach a couple of things, Pam. Some stuff you know already." She stared at her hands. "Some you don't."

    Pamela sighed. "Where the hell are you going to start?"

    "Most people would say in the beginning, but it's all too complicated so we'll start somewhere in the middle. Pamela and I fell in love wtih Conner O'Shea when we were 17, but we didn't realize he was playing both of us for a long time. At first we were devasted and hated each other."

    "But it didn't last," Pamela said. "And we decided to get even with him."

    "When he thought he was dating Lacey," Lacey cut in....

    "He was dating me," finished Pamela. "We kept that going for some time until....

    "Until I got pregnant." Lacey's eyes filled with tears. "I met him by the piers one night and to be honest..." She looked at her sister. "Well, I really thought he loved me. I mean me, Lacey, not a matching set, but me all for myself." She wiped away a tear. "But I was wrong. When I told him, he denied it was his and said it could have been anyone's. I went hysterical, telling him I'd been a virgin, but he only laughed harder. We fought. I mean really fought on the piers. It started raining and..." Now Lacey began sobbing.

    Pamela ran over and hugged her sister. "Lacey, you never told me this. Pregnant? My God. You should have told me..."

    Zach ran his fingers through his hair, wishing he could say something to help, but kept his silence.

    "No, Pamela, let me finish, please," Lacey cried. "The pier was so slippery and we just went crazy. Conner lunged for me, but I ducked and he fell off the pier, hitting one of the moored boats before he hit the water. I screamed for help, but it was too late. His body washed on shore somewhere near Glouchester a few days later."

    Pamela gasped and covered her mouth. "But we all thought it was suicide. That's what Mom told me. She said he was so despondant over breaking up with you that he...he..."

    "I know, Pammy," Lacey said. "That what Mom and Dad said I had to do. God forbid anybody in Rockport should find out that a child of the Winthrops was anything less than perfect. So they shipped me off to Aunt Marion's to have the baby."

    "The baby?" Pamela whispered. "What happened, Lacey?"

    "I had a little girl but they talked me into giving it up. I know she'd have a stable family, but I never regretted anything more in my life."

    "Do you know who adopted her?" Zach asked.

    Lacey nodded. "After years and years of looking, I just found out a week ago." She stared at her hands and then slowly lifted her head and stared at her sister. "You won't believe this but her adoptive parents are..... Katherine and Thomas Scott." She took a deep breath. "In Georgia."

    Pamela's blood froze and a loud buzz sounded in her ears. The room began to blur. "It can't be. It can't. You're telling me that Frankie Scott's brother Tommy and his wife are the..."

    "Yes. My baby's parents." Lacey swept away tears and sobbed in earnest. "She...she's not a lbaby any more, not even a ittle girl. This is her second year in college." She put her head into her hands. "I missed so much. So much."

    Pamela flew to Lacey's side and sat on the floor beside her. "I know her, Lacey. I know her. Maura. Her name is Maura," whispered Pamela. "My God, Lacey. We've got to get her out of that family."
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    Zach looked from one woman to another.

    "I don't understand," he said, "How could you have not known Pamela?"

    "I didn't want to believe that Connor had really loved Lacey and not me. I left town because I thought I had kept them from really being together. If I wasn't in the picture anymore and I had lost him, I figured it was better if I wasn't around."

    Zach saw the tears glistening in Pamela's eyes, before she turned to Lacey.

    "It was months later that I talked to mom on the phone and she told me about Connor's suicide. She did tell me you had gone to stay with Aunt Marion's, but I thought it was because you couldn't stand to stay here knowing what had happened to him."

    "But if you haven't seen each other in twenty years, how old would that make Maura now?" Zach asked, more and more confused by the moment.

    Both sisters turned to face Zach.

    Lacey spoke up, "She's ten."
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    "Ten?" Lacey and Zach both looked at each other.

    Lacey fell against the sofa in a heap and shook her head. "No. No. Of course, she's older, almost twenty. It's just that after I started searchng for her I found this..." She pulled out a creased polaroid from her pocket of a young girl with a happy, but crooked smile. "She was about ten then and I guess I just sort of froze her at that age in my mind."

    Pamela squeezed her sister's hand. "Oh, Lacey. We'll make this right, don't worry." She turned to Zach. "You still in this mess with us?"

    He nodded. "We'll find Maura."

    Lacey played with the ends of her hair. "I'm trying to take all of this in, Pamela. It's almost impossible to believe that my daughter ended up in the family your married into. How is this possible?" Her eyes widened as bits of their conversation finally settled in her whirling brain. "And what's wrong with her parents? Is she in danger or.....what....?" Now she stared at her sister. "What is going on?"

    Pamela shook her head slowly and patted Lacey's hand. "I know. I know. It's absolutely crazy that your daughter ended up in the Scott family, but she has." She sat up and looked her sister in the eye. "When I married Frankie, Maura must have been about....about three. It's funny. She looked so familiar and she reminded me of you. Always. But I figured I was just homesick and I was trying to recreate my family."

    "Whoa. You know this is crazy." Zach stood up and began pacing the room. "How exactly did your daughter end up in Tiptlon County? The odds are incredible."

    Tears sprung to Lacey's eyes. "I only saw my baby once, after she was born. They brought her in for me to hold and I didn't want to let her go. They had to force her from my arms." She sobbed in earnest now. "Aunt Marion came in and said it was for the best. That it would be selfish for me to keep her, so I let her go." She blew her nose loudly. "She did tell me she knew of a good family in Georgia, but that's all she ever told me. Years later, I hired Marcus and that's when he found out..."

    Pamela's eyes widened. "That Maura and I lived in the same town....and in the same family."

    "Incredible," Zach said.

    "But Lacey," Pamela put her hand on Lacey's arm. "I'm not kidding. The Scotts are a dangerous bunch. And I know Frankie's brother. He's one of the craziest. We've got to do something about Maura."
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    **needs an ending**

    big shootout with Frankie
    lots of hoorays from the twins when Frankie goes down
    Zach and Pam get it on
    Everyone cheers
    **end smilie intervention**
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    sounds cool can't wait to find out what happens

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    Dawn arrived at its usual time in Rockport. And although they'd worked feverishly all night, or what had been left of the night, they could not come up with a safe plan to connect Maura and Lacey. After all these years how would Maura greet her new mother? Thinking that maybe a change of scenery might help, Lacey arranged for Mrs. Harris to watch Corey at her house in Diller’s Cove while the three adults had breakfast at Mulligan’s by the pier.

    "It's going to make it all the harder," Pamela explained, lifting her cup for the waitress to pour in her third refill. "You see, although Maura was three when she came to the Scotts, they never did tell her she was adopted." She paused and looked at her twin for a long time. "She doesn't know anything about you, Lacey. They never told her. She believes Katherine and Tommy Scott are her only parents."

    Lacey slumped against the back of the booth's torn leather seat, completely exhuasted. Maybe she should just give and allow Maura to live her life without further complications.

    As though reading her mind, "Forget it, Lacey," Pamela said. "Maura needs to get out of that family. " And then she began the story of the Scott legacy.

    Over multiple cups of strong coffee, Pamela told how she'd come across a diary left by her recently deceased mother-in-law that detailed how the Scotts wanted to run the town of Tipton from the second they moved in. When the mayor couldn't be bought out, they simply killed him and his entire family, then burned their homes and all the evidence. Maybe some people in town suspected them, but they were either afraid to do anything or else went over to the winning side. For over fifty years the Scotts had Tipton in their back pocket. And they were into everything....drugs, murder, extortion. Pamela was literally sick when she discovered the depth of the evil the Scotts were capable of doing.

    Once she'd read the diary she made up her mind to take Corey and leave as soon as was safely possible. Her one mistake had been to confine in Marcus but she believed she'd been in love and he had been one very good looking safety net.

    “Speaking of Marcus,” Zach said. “Isn’t he getting freezer burn about now?”
    Pamela and Lacey looked at each. “I guess we’d better deal with that…”

    Lacey stopped suddenly and dropped her cup, splattering coffee over everyone’s feet. “My God, Zach,” she whispered. “That’s Frankie over there.”

    “Let’s get out back,” Pamela said. “The Mulligans have a fishing boat we can take and get to the house, hopefully without him seeing us.”

    They ran out back and after a few quick words with Jack Mulligan, they jumped into the boat full of chum. Pamela unmoored the boat and they headed for home.

    “No,” Pamela screamed and pointed. “It’s Frankie and he’s in another boat.” Lacey got the boat going at full speed but it was soon obvious there was no way their little fishing boat could go faster than Frankie's speedboat. In second his boat was right beside them. Pamela saw a flash of steel and screamed. "He's got a gun!" Without thinking she threw a pail full of chum at him, but it missed and fell heavily into the water.

    Before Pamela began to open her mouth to scream, Zach had already gotten his gun out and taken deadly aim. One shot did the trick. Frankie fell into the water soundlessly. The boat started to spin in circles. Lacey watched helplessly as her husband's lifeless body was cut repeatedly by the propellors. Her hand flew to hr mouth as she watched in horror as a large fin came from nowhere to circle their boat.

    "Oh God, is that a...?

    "Shark?" Lacey finished. "And it's a......"

    "Great White!" Zach stared at the circling fin. "I thought Great Whites only appeared in New England in Spielberg movies.

    Pamela looked at Zach's gun. "You need bigger artillery."

    Zach shook his head. "No, we need a bigger boat." He shrugged. "Okay, I stole the line from Jaws, but it's still true."

    "Frankie," Pamela screamed, then turned away at the sight of her once lover amidst the chum and shark.

    Zach stared into the water and shook his head again. "I'd sing Mack the Knife, Frankie, but it seems I've forgotten the words."


    Thanksgiving, later that year/Rockport, Massachusetts

    "Pass that cranberry relish down this way, please, Aunt Pamela."

    Pamela looked at her beautiful auburn-haired niece and smiled. "Sure, honey. Anythine else you want?"

    Maura grinned. "I think I've got just about everything I need." She glanced around the festive table and the family so recently discovered. For the first time in her life she felt wanted and she felt at home. "Yeah, I think I've got it all."

    Pamela held Zach's hand underthe table. "It's like a fairy tale," she whispered. "Maybe at times, a gruesome fairy tale, but still magical and with a happy ending. Frankie's not a threat. His brother Tommy and Katherine in jail until they sign up for Medicare. And the best, Pamela connecting with Maura."

    Zach lifted Pamela's face and kissed her softly. "The best? It's strong competition with the way we've been connecting, Pam." His grin turned into a leer.

    Pamela felt a rush of hot blood course through her veins as she thought of the first time they'd realized how deep their feelings for each other went and how they'd made love all night long that first time.

    Corey climbed onto Pamela's lap. "Momma, this is the best day. Ever." He looked around the table and like Maura, realized a contentment and sense of family he'd never experienced before. "And I like the way smiles stay on your face now."

    Pamela brushed away a lock of hair from her son's face and kissed the top of his head. "I know, baby. I think smiles are here to stay." She lifted a glass of wine in the air. "To family.....and everything we have to be thankful for, Happy Thanksgiving."

    There was a roundof cheers, laughter and love. Pamela smiled again. She'd come full circle and they'd all found each other, and home.
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