I've said that each December 30th for seventy-four years (probably only to myself the first few years) as I measure my progress against my goals and always managed to give myself a grudging passing grade.
This year is no different. Two books released, one as Amy Gallow "Her Brother's Keeper" and the other as me, "The Alliance". Teaching qualification updated; a new opportunity manufactured for future development; the first and second drafts of "Coasting" completed; collaboration with the film director over the full feature film of "The Widow-Maker" now reaching the stage where I have equal say in its future development (The result of a near vertical learning curve on my part) with a provisional shooting date linked to the Australian Motorcycle Grand prix in 2012.
Mid January will see the submission of "Coasting" and I can turn my full attention to the third book of the Alliance series and, possibly the start-up of an on-line course in creative writing.
The future hides the rest of 2012's achievements, but I'm looking forward to them.