I'm super psyched to have the awesome author of one of my favorite vampire series--Immortal Guardians--Dianne Duvall, here on my blog. She's here today to share news of the latest release Night Reigns. Plus...there's a contest to win a signed copy of Night Reigns! WOOT. Just fill in the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post to enter! Also, check the bottom of the post on details on the Night Reigns virtual book tour where there is a chance to win a Kindle. Without rambling on too much, I'll let Dianne take it away with with her tortured heroes and (squeee) and excerpt!

Thank you, JoAnne, for helping me celebrate the release of NIGHT REIGNS, the second book in my Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series!
I am an avid romance reader and admit that I love tortured heroes. Tortured heroines, too. I like the added complexity the suffering they endured and continue to grapple with brings to a romance, the challenges it adds atop the difficulties the couple already faces from outside sources. Some of my all-time favorite romance reads revolved around tortured heroes and heroines, so how could I resist featuring a few in my Immortal Guardians series?
NIGHT REIGNS features a hero who recently lost the woman he has loved for eight hundred years. Grieving, Marcus now