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When I got home today, there was a brown box sitting on the counter. Husband said, hey, you got a box but I don't know what it is. I casually walked over to the box and looked at the return address then promptly shrieked which startled my husband and dogs. I don't know what I said but it was probably, oh my god, oh my god, you get the picture.

The return address was from Samhain Publishing. You know, the ones that published Key of Solomon. In that box was my 10 pristine copies of my printed and beautiful book. Yes, I just got in my first ever book in paperback. I knew it was coming but not when and I also knew I'd cry and I did. I was shaking and just kept seeing the words that I wrote in a book. I'm tearing up as I type this.

I love being digitally published. I really do. But there was just something about holding that book in my hand, with the glossy, smooth cover, crisp pages that had the lovely scent of newness that was just amazing.

So, in honor of my first printed book, I want to share and I'm going to give one of these beautiful books away.

If you've already posted, you are automatically entered. If you are lurking (which is fine) but want to win the book, you'll need to come out of lurk, say hi and leave your name and email. I'll take names until the end of the weekend.

Now, I'm off to stare at the book some more. Wonder if my husband will think I'm weird if I sleep with it?
Congrats Cassiel!!