I'm seeing in the new year with some smutty ladies, a fantastic contest, and a naughty excerpt! 18+ only.
If sexy vamps, dark, spooky Scottish castles, and a spot of light BDSM is up your smutty alley, then get a load of this to get a rocking start to your year… CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR FULL POST, A SMUTTY EXCERPT AND A CONTEST SURE TO GIVE YOU A BUZZ


I bet ya'll can hear me doing a fan girl squeal all across the States....because I'm on the Smuketeers blog!! *Does a Wayne and Garth impression -- I'm not worthy* The Smutketeers are a group of authors who have banded together with the phrase, "All for smut, and smut for all." And they are.... R.G. Alexander, Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, Karen Erickson, and Crystal Jordan. If you've not tried their work yet, and you like da smut, may I suggest you go check 'em out?

Here’s to 2012 and all the smut it may bring us.