Iíve been M.I.A. for several months. My apologies. Iíve been completely Ďholed upí writing my latest novel, The Tudor Revival. Iím thrilled to announceÖ itís finished! *Phew* It was a ton of fun to write. I got to dive into Sethís mind. Whoís Seth? Not only my first American hero but a cocky live-on-the-edge ghost hunter.

Heís had my head spinning! J

Sethís not only super sexy but overly arrogant. Heís made the past five months pure helÖ (Sky clears her throat) pure bliss. Seth never let me catch my breath. Nor did his heroine, Alana.

If thereís a plane to dive out of, Sethís doing it. Are there thousands of feet of sheer ice to climb? Heís doing it. Lucky for him, Alanaís the same way. The girl likes to live on the edge. Add that aspect to the whole ghost-hunting, paranormal thing and itís non-stop action.

The only time they slow down? You guessed it. Intimacy. Every once in a while fellow dare-devils stop all the sport and have down time. *grins* Or is it?

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