Angelas Knights

The Forever Kiss
For years, Valerie Chase has been haunted by dreams of a man she knows only as Cowboy. When she was a child, her fantasy Texas Ranger rescued her from the nightmare vampires who murdered her parents. As an adult, she still dreams of him - but now he's her seductive lover.

But Cowboy is real. And he's a vampire.

For years, Cade McKinnon has protected Valerie from Edward Ridgemont, the sadistic vampire who Turned him. But now Ridgemont is determined to claim Valerie, and Cade is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. Including kidnaping.

When Val finds herself abducted by her handsome dream man, she's horrified to find he's a vampire. Now she and Cade must learn to trust each other as an immortal monster stalks their every move.

Their only hope of survival is The Forever Kiss.

In the Red Sage novella, "Blood and Kisses," mercenary Beryl St. Cloud searches for the one man who can protect her from a vampire assassin -- another vampire, Jim Decker. The catch is, she knows she must pay in blood.

"A Candidate for the Kiss" is another one of my vampire stories. This one deals with a vampire James Bond and the pretty reporter who stumbles on the story of a lifetime.

It appears in Secrets Volume 6, and won the 2000 PEARL award in the novella/short story category.

Kissing the Hunter" is a novel-length story in Secrets Volume 7 .

When his wife is murdered by an undead serial killer, Logan McLean, Navy SEAL, becomes a vampire hunter.

He slays his wife's killer, then discovers the existance of another vampire, Virginia Hart. But Virginia is no murderer, and he finds he can't bring herself to hurt her. His hesitation costs him. Virginia captures him instead, and he wakes up a prisoner of a very sexy lady vamp.

But it's hard to keep a good man down...

When Amelia Patton regains consciousness under a vampire's Christmas Tree, she finds herself bound and naked with a bow around her neck. As if that's not bad enough, the vampire in question is David Tate, the handsome cop she dumped after she found he'd been turned into a bloodsucking fiend. But as David starts taking delicious revenge for his broken heart, Amelia realizes he's anything but a monster - and she doesn't mind his revenge one bit.

Soul Kisses" is a novella in Red Sage's Secrets 14 anthology, scheduled for publication in December, 2005. The story's heroine is Beth Chase, sister to Valerie from Forever Kiss.

In this story, I got the idea of seeing if I could do a true menage romance with a strong heroine and two alpha males. But Morgan and Garett aren't your typical alphas -- they're vampires, and they've been close as brothers for four centuries. When they rescue Beth from a vicious vamp kidnapper, the three feel an instant mutual attraction.

But if a killer has his way, they won't live long enough to fall in love.