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    I really need to keep my forum up to date better, but it's been a hectic few months and the time has flown/

    First of all Thank you to everyone who voted for Sharon's Book. It won the 'Best Short Romance' category. Sharon's sister was able to tell her the news, so she was thrilled and I'm so glad she knew about the award, because tragically, as most of you probably know, on April 11th my dear friend tragically lost her battle and passed away. It was all the more heartbreaking because Mary Rickson and I had been planning to visit her in May. I still flew over to America as planned, and Mary and I visited her lovely family and saw the places Sharon loved. I will try and post some pictures as soon as I can, but I'm still desperately trying to finish the third book in my Starquest series. I just wanted to say a big thankyou on Sharon's behalf - I know winning that award would have helped keep her spirits up during her final stay in hospital.
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