I have to share with you that book four, Their Submissive Switch, has been chosen by the viewers as the winner for April book of the month over at BDSM Book Reviews and also won 5 stings and a 4 paddle review! How awesome is that?

What? You haven't read any of The Boss's Pet series yet? Hey, that's okay, many are just learning about it, too. If you're not sure whether you like a little kink in your romance stories, head over to read Chapter One of each book before you buy!

For those who really want to sneak into the book, be warned this excerpt is XXX-rated and not at all for those who don't like kink in their romance!!! I WILL make you wish you were sitting on a towel! Click HERE to read the excerpt!

Psst....My writing reaches deep inside your mind to pull out those dark, private fantasies all of you harbor! What??? Yes you do! Everyone does and I love teasing you with my work, making you secretly place yourself into my heroine's place as if those nasty things are actually happening to you...to make you seep and soak your panties. Or...perhaps you put yourself into the Dom/Domme position and crave to tease your partner like my heroes do. Either way, you can enjoy those fantasies because your secret is safe with me! Promise! Thank you for stopping in to read about the Book of the Month and my Boss's Pet series. Please tell your friends, follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter....you might even be chosen as a monthly winner! Muah!