LOL on Lady Olivia--or Lady O as I like to call her.

She IS a very colorful character! One of the most colorful I've created, or so I think.

She gets a little more "air time" during that book, but if you really want to see her in action, HER SUDDEN GROOM is the book for you. Halfway through writing that story and I wanted to reach into my computer/imagination and scratch her eyes out!

When I first started writing about her, way back when, I intended for her to just be "weak", you know, sickly. But then she took on a personality of her own and I've had trouble controlling her ever since then.

I'm glad you're enjoying this book. I, too, found the ball to be a turning point and it's the reason I chose the green dress for the cover--in the book, at the ball she's wearing that green dress when he finally "sees" her. To me that really stood out and was extremely significant.