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    Default Exciting New Author Blog – The Erotic Muses!

    Exciting New Author Blog – with a truly incredible contest!

    The Erotic Muses

    I am very excited to announce my new author blog, which officially launches September 13!

    Welcome to the Erotic Muses where Bonnie Dee, Dee S. Knight, Jayelle Drewry, Laura Bacchi, Veronica Wilde and friends will chat with you daily about… Well, about whatever comes into our heads. From personal news and views to the craft of writing and getting it published, from sex chat to free stories and contests, we’ll talk about whatever takes our fancy on any given day.

    I know what you're thinking... "Do I really need another author blog?" And the answer is Yes, you do. Because this blog is going to be the bomb of blogs, full of exciting and candid conversations with your favorite authors. So stop on by next week, pour yourself a cup of cyber coffee and join the fun!

    Erotic Muses Launch Contest!

    Each day beginning Wednesday, Sept. 15, one of the Muses will post a question. Send your answer to each question to by Thursday, Sept. 23.

    The grand prize: a book download from each talented Muse - that's five wonderful books for the lucky winner!!!

    We'll post the winner on the blog on Friday, September 24.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    WOW Veronica! Honey, when do you sleep? lol

    Sounds great, I will be checking that out!
    I smile because I have no idea what is going on.

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    Look who's talking! I can't imagine how much work goes into running this place!

    Seriously my co-bloggers did all the work setting up the site. They are amazing.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Looks great Veronica! Congrats on the new blog.
    I've decided to use my name on my profile now to make things simple, but I am and always will be THE IrishWolf.

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