This is a letter I wrote thattargets media that specialize in senior readers. Obviously, it is a query not to get published or get an agent, but to get poublicity. Most newspapers are interested in storiesby, about, or of interest to people over fifty-five. Some target that audience specificcally. It was printed on a letterheadwith complete contact information in the header and award logos in the footer. Note that I've annotate the letter so you can see how it is broken down into parts. That's what I do in the Appendix of The Frugal Book Promoter (
The FolliesFootlighter>>Joelle Casteix, Editor>>128 S. Palm Canyon Dr.>>Palm Springs, Ca. 92262>>>>Dear Ms. Casteix,>>>>What you at the Palm Springs Follies started is ratherlike a film of falling dominoes run in reverse—one domino after the otherstanding and marching into their older years with pride and gusto. (Here the letter establishes a connectionto the theater’s demographic.)>>>>I attended your Follies many times when I lived in PalmSprings and owned a business there (Carlan’s Fine Gifts in the Palm DesertMall). In fact it inspired me to begin writing a novel at the age most arecontemplating retirement. (Here theletter establishes a local connection as well as a connection because of age.)>>>>It is pretty amazing to have one’s first novelpublished at sixty-two, but I think my story is typical of aging America and Iknow you agree. We are not aging. We are rarifying.>>>>Today as we approach fifty, we may have what was once afull lifetime to do something else. Start a new career. Fight intolerance. Helpraise a grandchild. You name it. I have done or am planning to do all of thosethings.>>>>My first novel, ThisIs the Place, is set in Utah at a time when that state is surely in thenews. The 2002 Winter Olympics. Polygamy. Bombings on Temple Square. There waseven a cover story on genealogy in Timemagazine last year. My love of genealogy was one of the inspirations for mybook. (Here the letter establishes aconnection with current events.)>>>>The media are finding it interesting that I started anew career at an age that many are considering retirement. In February the Los Angeles Daily News ran a story on meand I was also interviewed by a Los Angeles TV station. (Here the letter establishes credibility.)>>>>If you need more information, find a picture, a bio,and the first chapters and prologue to ThisIs the Place by going to:>>>>Find reviews for it>>>>I am enclosing a first-person essay and a headshot incase you can find room for me on the pages of your Follies Footlighter. If I can do anything else to help you or wecan work together in some other way, please let me know. Thank you so much foryour time and consideration.>>>>Sincerely,>>Carolyn Howard-Johnson>>