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    writersblock Educating Sean

    Virgins Behaving Badly Anthology
    Evernight Publishing
    MFM erotic contemporary romance
    Heat Level 4
    Word Count 9,946

    Annalise Ridell has been best friends with Cord Richardson and Sean Riley since grade school. When the three vacation together in New Orleans to celebrate earning their graduate degrees, Lise's secret fantasy of making love to both her best friends becomes reality, but not before Sean reveals he's still a virgin.

    As Lise enjoys showing Sean the many ways to please her body, with Cord joining in the fun, she realizes the feelings she has for her two sexy best friends goes way deeper than mere affection, and has for a long time. When they both reveal they've harbored similar feelings for her, Lise wonders if it's just The Big Easy talking, or if they'll still feel that way once they return home.


    Lise looked from one man to the other, trying to gauge their reactions. If either one laughed or said something stupid right now she’d lock herself in her room for the remainder of the trip. Sean’s kiss had knocked her socks off. She’d only kissed him once before when they’d played Spin the Bottle with Cord and a few other kids from school. How old had they been, thirteen? She never imagined he could kiss so well, or that being in his arms would feel so damn good.

    “Lise, are you saying what I think you’re saying?” Cord grinned like the Cheshire cat.

    “Yes, Cord. That’s what I’m saying. The three of us on one of those really comfy beds in there.” She pointed toward the hotel room.

    Sean ran his hands through his hair and muttered something incomprehensible. It hadn’t been her imagination when she’d shown off her dress. He wanted her as much as Cord did. If what he’d just said to her wasn’t proof enough, the raging hard-on pressing against her abdomen as he kissed her was. She’d fantasized about fucking both of them more times than she’d ever admit. Surely they wouldn’t turn her down, would they?

    “Please say something,” she whispered.

    Cord grabbed her hand. “I’m in. Let’s go.”

    “Hang on a sec.”

    They both stared at Sean. He looked like someone had just suggested he jump off the balcony onto Bourbon Street.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Cord.

    “Shit. I have to tell you something.”

    “What is it, Sean?” she asked.

    “Lise, please don’t laugh at me.”

    Lise let go of Cord’s hand and took Sean’s, surprised to find it cold. “Never. You know that.” She couldn’t recall seeing such a struggle pass over Sean’s face. It tugged at her heart and made her want to protect him.

    “I’m… I never…” He looked at Cord, then down into her face again. “I’ve never actually gone all the way.”

    “Fuck, Sean. Quit dicking around. What’s wrong with you? Lise just offered herself to both of us and you pull this shit? What the fuck, man?”

    “Shut up, Cord.” Lise didn’t take her eyes off Sean’s face. “He’s not fucking around.”

    “No fucking way.”

    Sean glanced at Cord with obvious pain on his face. “Way, okay? I’m a virgin.”

    “But…you…all those….”

    “Your assumption, Cord. I never actually told you I had sex with anyone.”

    “Holy shit.”

    “It doesn’t matter, Sean.” Lise reached up and stroked his cheek. “We’ll have a great time. Come on.”

    “You don’t mind?”

    She smiled. “Of course not. And I’m honored that I’ll be your first.”

    She took his hand and brushed past Cord, leading him into her room with the king bed draped in a canopy of beige and gold. Her head swam with images of both men, naked and sweating, their hands and mouths all over her. She wanted to giggle and scream with excitement. This was really going to happen. Her fantasy was about to come true.

    Sean pulled her into a rough embrace and kissed her, and she clung to him like he was a life raft. Oh the things she wanted to teach him tonight. Quiet, steady, gorgeous Sean was in her arms, his mouth doing incredible things to hers.

    She unbuttoned his shirt, and he released the kiss to take it off. Cord came up behind her and slipped his hands inside her dress, massaging her breasts through her bra. She moaned and rocked her hips against the bulge in his pants. Was Sean as big as Cord? The thought of two thick cocks inside her nearly made her come.

    Sean’s muscled chest occupied her mouth as Cord unzipped her dress. He groaned and pushed her head closer as she raked her teeth and tongue over his nipples.

    “Lise, that feels so fucking good.”

    “She knows how to use her mouth,” said Cord, unhooking her bra.

    Lise shrugged out of it, stepped out of her dress, then turned to help Cord remove his jeans. He’d already taken off his shirt.

    “Sean gets to fuck your pussy first but I get my turn too.”

    “Oh yes. I want that.” Her legs trembled as he pulled off his jeans, his gaze locked on her thong. Good thing she’d taken the time to get that Brazilian wax.

    “Fuck, Lise. When did you shave your pussy?”

    She laughed. “You like it?”

    “Let me see.” Sean turned her around and dropped to his knees. He stroked the skin around her thong like she was fine china and might break if he wasn’t careful. Her pussy was soaking wet and her clit throbbed as his feathery touch sent chills up and down her spine.

    Cord rubbed his cock against her ass and reached around to play with her nipples. She groaned, remembering her shower fantasy from this morning. Sean slowly slid her thong to the floor, fingered her wet slit, then fastened his mouth on her.

    She cried out as he sucked and licked her clit, slipping two fingers inside. Lise wrapped her fingers in his hair as her orgasm built. Cord circled her other opening with a finger, swearing softly under his breath.

    “Lube and condoms,” he muttered. “Don’t go anywhere.”

    Sean stood and kissed her again, backing them up until her legs touched the edge of the bed. He pushed her shoulders and she fell back, giggling. As he dived for her pussy again, she spread her legs wide and tossed her head from side to side while he continued to pleasure her with his mouth and fingers.

    “Where the hell did you learn to do that so well?” she gasped.

    Sean glanced up at her, a sheepish grin on his face. “Porn.”

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