After receiving the answers below, I met someone who is the epitome of judging a book by its cover. We will call him Jerk #1. This man talked about how he met a woman online, flirted with her, met her at a hotel and slept with her. Jerk #1 then went on to talk about how he would never see her again. When I asked why not, he replied that she was (and I am quoting exactly here), “5 foot 2 inches tall and probably 5 foot 6 inches wide.”

I was horrified. How could Jerk #1 sleep with someone he was not even attracted too? And to talk about her like that!?! I am a plus size woman and if someone ever talked about me that way after sleeping with me, I would be devastated.

Not even a few days later, I found out that someone WAS talking about my weight. We will call this guy Jerk #2. Just so you know, I did not sleep with this guy, nor would I ever want to. Jerk #2, who just happens to be related to me through marriage, sent a picture text to a bunch of people. The picture was this gigantic chair and his oldest daughter and youngest son were sitting in it. It was HUGE! Underneath the picture Jerk #2 wrote, “Look! They have finally made a chair that Danielle can sit in!”

I was so hurt. I had done nothing wrong to this guy. Mind you, Jerk #2 did not send the text to me or my husband. I think he knew if my husband found out, he would have kicked his butt! However, a friend of mine did forward the text to me along with the butt whooping she verbally slewed Jerk #2 with. With these events happening in my life, I knew I had to share them for the topic question I had asked.

Here was last month’s topic:

One of the items I get in my mail is a blog The Stay-at-Home Feminist Mom by Betty Fokker. She is very uncensored and sometimes she can lean to the extreme but overall she brings up some amazing topics. The most recent one was entitled: Beauty and Fat. Basically, she talks about how there is a country that actually idolizes heavier people as much as America seems to idolize skinny people. It got me to thinking about all the heroines I have read over the years and their body types. I realized that I have a tendency to get extremely frustrated when time after time the heroine is thin, trim, and beautiful.

When I open a book that deals with society's idea of a plus-size woman, I rejoice. Why? Because it is really nice to actually read a book that pertains to a more realistic woman than someone better portrayed on the "big screen". I don't do the same for men though. I have never opened a book, seen the man was on the heftier side and thought "Yes! Finally"! I have read some books where the man is scarred, handicapped, etc and it hasn't bothered me. Because they are still fantastic looking.

What do you consider your ideal heroine? Do you like them to be the more realistic size or the smaller size? What about your heroes? Do you like them just as well if they have a handicap or scarring?

I got a couple of responses to this question that I would like to share with you.

Mine are either too tall or too short because plus size was not a problem for me until I reached a...certain age.

It's fun to imagine the problems the extreme heights create: use a ladder or bend over all the time, "now there's the rub."

Julie Eberhart Painter

Kimberly, a Reviewer and our Contest Guru here at Coffee Time Romance & More had this to add:

I like my heroines to be curvy and I don't really mind if my heroes aren't sporting a six-pack. Scarred or handicapped would be perfectly fine for me. As much as we as women talk the talk of how we want a beautifully put together man, we need to remember that no matter how pretty the person, there is somebody in their life who is sick of putting up with their crap
As a reader, I love to imagine a beautiful man. Can we as women beg for women with dangerous curves and not have a hero with the same? LOL Prejudice is a horrible thing all the way around.

Thank you ladies for those wonderful responses! Don't forget to check out the Cafe Chronicles to see what is up for April's question. It is going to be a NEW one! is totally different than what I have done before.