A Scorching Dilemma - 600x900x300.jpg A Scorching Dilemma
by Shereen Vedam

A Regency paranormal romance

Inspired by Cinderella...meet Cinder"fella"
Fire shifter Daniel Trenton has only nightmarish memories of his mysterious past. As an orphan, raised on the streets, he does not have much in the way of prospects, but he is fine with that . . . until he falls in love with the daughter of a duke. Unfortunately, pursuing her would mean her social destruction. So he promises himself to leave her alone for her own good. But when her safety is threatened, Daniel has no choice but to become the hero she so desperately needs.

Heiress Faith Rosemary Went always believed she would be given the choice of who to marry. So why is her father demanding she wed a man she's never met, a man whose family terrifies her? But when she resists the match, her prospective bridegroom's family kidnaps her and whisks her away to Gretna Green. Having no one but herself to rely on, she sets off to rescue herself before she's ruined, or worse. Luckily, she discovers Daniel is already there.

Daniel's investigation into Faith's disappearance unravels two decades of lies, multiple murders, and a fire-shifting family history that spans three centuries. His newfound discoveries put him in the position to proudly and rightfully proclaim his place in society and, more importantly, proclaim his love for Faith.

But will he be able to prove the truth before Faith is forced to choose the wrong man?


Daniel sped into the clearing, then came to a skidding halt at the water’s edge.

FAITH’S SHAWL, gown and shoes lay discarded by his feet. His stunned mind grappled with the notion that Faith was in the lake. And she was apparently enjoying herself.

“Lady Faith,” he shouted, but the call was barely an audible croak. Fear had constricted his throat.

On spotting him, she waved a wet arm. The happy greeting brought her to the surface and her rounded bosom rose clearly for his inspection. Her gaze followed his stunned stare and she sank lower, her arms covering her upper body.

But it was too late.

Faith’s wet muslin shift left nothing to the imagination. Daniel swallowed, his arousal vying with his fear for her safety. “Come out at once.”

His voice sounded a fraction stronger and less like a chicken being strangled.

“Why?” Faith gave him a mischievous grin before she swam closer, her bare arms stroking across the water.”

“My lady, this is hardly a respectable situation.” He pointed at her gown carelessly strewn by his feet. “You are not properly covered.”

Her sweeping arms kept her afloat with surprising ease. “I still wear my shift, and stays and my petticoats, though those are tied to my side so it will not hinder my legs as I move. . . .”

“Stop.” It was more an order for himself than her as his unruly mind disrobed Faith of each article she mentioned. Why had he come here? Morton! “My lady, I came to warn you. You must not marry the Duke of Morton.”

Her humor vanished. “I do not wish to speak of that.” She pushed farther into the lake. “I came to swim, and that is what I intend to do. If you are concerned on my behalf, why do you not join me?”

Her laughter rang through the clearing, silencing the birds.