By the following morning each learned they'd been set up by their pack and coven.

Turns out due to the urgency of the prophesy, their families had tried crossing their paths prior, but it hadn't worked.

Tonight wouldn't have, if not for the attack, which wasn't planned. That pack had crossed lines and still had to be dealt with. Firmly!

For now though, there was a bonding awaiting, and damned if they weren't on the same page about that. He'd caught her musky scent rising as did her blush, and she'd caught the sudden swelling in his torn trousers.

Uh wow, she thought as moisture pooled to her center.

He puffed a tad when he caught the widening of her eyes when she'd spotted his erection.

Maybe the prophesy was true, maybe it wasn't but it sure as hell was going to be fun testing out the bonding promise the prophesy mandated be done!