There is a ton happening this week. Iím telling you, itís jam-packed! So whatís happening? Well, read on and see!

4/1 Suit Up Sunday! Come see the yumminess in suits!
Meganís being Featured over at the Romance Studio! Come see!
4/2 Monday Moans on Wendiís blog -> Featuring Must Be Doing Something Right
Also! Nara Malone stops by with her book, Snatch Me!
Wendi and Megan are BOTH being featured over at Talking TwoLips! Step on out and check it out!
Starting Today through the 13th, Meganís taking Believe on a Review Tour! Check out the blogs participating: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspo...-by-megan.html Hereís the dayís linky:
4/3 Tasty Tuesday and Tuesday Studs! Also, itís the second day of Meganís review tour for Believe!
Follow here: http://goddessfishpromotions.blogspo...-by-megan.html Hereís todayís link: Read the fantastic review for Believe!
4/4 Time for a breather! Believe tour link:
4/5 Megan and I are taking part in the Birthday Blog Hop!
Also WIP Thursday on Meganís blog!
Also, the Believe tour is still going strong! Hereís todayís link:
4/6 Friday at the Menagerie with Megan!
Friday Flirts on Wendiís blog!
Believe tour link:
4/7 Saturday Hotties at the Menagerie!
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