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    I've decided that a Newsletter is the best way to communicate information about The Gender Divide with the outside word. So here it is. I plan on sending it out weekly unless something really special comes up or unless I don't have any news.


    Week in Review

    It's been an exciting week. The Gender Divide is getting closer to be published as the final edits have been received by the Publisher.

    Also the first 'official' review for The Gender Divide has been received from Chris Bartholomew at Static Movement Online. Here are some of the highlights. The review is based on an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) that I provided to Chris.

    I like this writer's style, he gets you into the characters, hits the floor running and it never stops, and when this story ends, you'll hope he's planning on writing another, and another.

    It's extraordinary reading, a book that will live in your thoughts long after you've read it, the possibilities, oh the possibilities. I highly recommend The Gender Divide to anyone who likes to be immersed in a fine story, written by an author that I am certain will become well-known.

    The excerpt posted on the website has received favorable comments from people who have entered the contest to win a Free copy and I have also posted some of those on the website.

    Website Updates
    I've posted a new entry on my blog called Giving Something Back. In it I detail why I've started a new site called The NEW Covey Awards.

    What are The NEW Covey Awards?

    The NEW Covey Awards recognizes the importance of Covers in the book purchasing decision. Every month we award two covers with the coveted NEW Covey Award, one for Most Eye-Catching Cover and one for Most Relevant Cover.

    If you have a cover to submit or just want to look at some outstanding book covers then drop by for a visit. New Covers are added constantly so bookmark the site. Don't forget to come back during the last week of every month to vote!

    Official Author Recognition
    I've been officially recognized as an author by the following sites:
    That's all for this week. I'll see you all next week.
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    Good to hear.

    I'm struggling to keep my efforts in communication & promotion from tipping over into the realm of spam (help me I'm spamming! [melts down into a small gelatinous pile of pink mystery meat]).

    I figured a newsletter was the way to go. It communicates the info but keeps the 'chatter' to a minimum. I've also offered people the chance to opt out.

    I'd welcome any advice or comments that you (or anyone else) might have.

    Also I forgot to mention but if anyone wants to receive the newsletter via email they can email
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    Default Congrats on the Review!

    Congratulations on the wonderful review! Wishing you many sales!


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