Hello Everyone:
I hope you all had a nice Easter celebration. For me, the weekend was part miserable, part bearable. My son and I were both sick, but we did manage to color eggs and have dinner. He's now back in school and I'm playing catch up on business matters. It took a few days for the cobwebs to clear and my ears to unplug. I think last night's storms helped with some of that. The rain was greatly welcomed, as it has been a very dry winter by me. I think in all, my yard saw less than 6 inches of snow.

Now that I've published Zanna's Outlaw and Lydia's Gunslinger, I'm making the rounds promoting these two. The Romance Studio is featuring Zanna's Outlaw this month. Next month, they have generously agreed to feature Lydia's Gunslinger. While that is taking place, I'm currently working on the third installment to this series, Debra's Bandit. I'm having a lot fun with this story, as I've added a few characters that just popped into my mind over the last month. Both are sure to cause trouble for Debra and Gage.

I'm also enjoying my Kindle. (I know, an author who started out in ebooks should have had a Kindle a long time ago--go figure.) The hubby got me one for Christmas and I have to say it's great! Shopping for books while in sweat pants and slippers is awesome, as is always having something to available to read. I'm finding authors new to me in the western romance genre and those dear to my heart with new releases.

Currently, I'm on Facebook and Twitter, following Coffeetime and other authors/fans of romance. Join me on either one if you can. I'd love to chat with you. Until my next update, be safe and happy.