yes, it is that time of year again...fall is approaching and now is the time to get your fruit trees starting to search for their deep root system to hold them over for the coming winter.

You need to put on a slow trickle of water onto your trees for about 1-2 hours (colder the winter, the longer you water)

Just put it on your trees, set the timer and walk away.

If it is still warm in your area, you might want to do this again at the first of October, unless it freezes in the first of October where you live and in that case DON'T

It is also time to start harvesting those vegetables and cleaning up your flower beds.

If you are a seed starter in your house (which I am) it is time to start those cold-winter crops to germinate in your house. Also don't forget to start your other seeds like pansies and other fall foliage.