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Moonlight, the funny thing is, because I've been earning my living as a writer for twenty-odd years (some of them very odd), I don't like to write unless I'm getting paid for it. I think that's why I've always found it difficult to just journal for the heck of it. When I write, I want someone to read it! But that's just me. Kara
I agree, Kara. I want to get paid. It gives me a surge to know people actually "want" to read my books enough to pay for them. And I really do need the money. Otherwise, I'd write and give a lot of my books away. Regarding empowerment: The best thing about writing is the feeling of control. I can make these characters say and do anything I want them to. Well...unless they take over by forcing my hand. Lol. But it's a great feeling to know my characters are like employees. The work for me and I am THE BOSS> Great post!