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Western Ways Digest, superior reading
Valiant, Lani Aames
Delaney Shaw saves Quade Singleton, the man she loves, from the hangman's noose then sets out to prove
his innocence.
Starr For The Teacher, Tysche Dwai
Fresh out of teaching school, Jayne Kincaid is forced to accept a position in Temptation, Texas. Will feisty
Sheriff Prescott claim the teacher's hand?
To Tame A Gambler, Nancy Pirri
In 1894, college Professor John O’Connell arrives in Bozeman, Montana. He meets seemingly shy
Grace Morgan but discovers this 'Penny Dreadful' writer is anything but proper.
Winning the Ranger’s Heart, Jane Carver
Jenny Lincoln keeps one big secret from middle-aged homely rancher Neal Franks. Can he win the Ranger’s
heart? Maybe, but first he has to rescue her.