WOW! May is going to be a very busy month for me there are a lot of events going on between Coffee Time Romance and The Romance Studio. Both places are celebrating their 8th and 9th Anniversary! I am going to celebrate with them as I've been along with both reader/authors group since they started
I hope you will join in at both places and who knows you might win a prize and find books to die for! LOL

​​​​​​​A fun time for all at Coffee Time Romance at my forum May 12th to May 19th come join me at my author group. Click the banner above!

​​​​​​​To celebrate you can get a Free copy of STARGAZER at Kindle/Amazon on May 12th and let's talk about time travel romance and all that comes with an adventure in time, and how an author can bring the history alive through their story and characters.

Sensual Romance Time Travel

Determined to be the Chicago Sun's top foreign reporter, Cassandra Malone is on her way to Riyadh. Cassie's adventure turns ugly when a group of terrorist highjack the jet. Gunfire fills the plane and bullets rip through the hull, Cassie's only thought is to survive the explosion.

Captain Blaine Sterling's last voyage on the Stargazer is more profitable than he ever imagined when the ocean depths surrender a beautiful woman! Once given the gift, Blaine refuses to let death take the girl. The first time their gazes touch they both know their future is sealed.

Together they face an adventure in love that takes them on a journey through the American wilderness of 1784. Cassie's modern knowledge might protect Blaine’s thriving new settlement from the British allies, but can Blaine protect Cassie from the uncivilized frontier and the dangers lurking in every shadow.​

Stargazer is a story of love that thrives despite all the diversities thrown in its path. Don't miss this touching story of Cassie and Blaine's shared adventure in time.

Mark your calendar May 12th thru May 19th and I hope to see you there!

Scavenger Hunt at The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance!

CTR and TRS are each holding a scavenger hunt during the month of May! Each site will hide 6 icons within its pages. No clues! Find all six icons for CTR for a chance to win a Sony eReader (with Harry Potter ebook). Find all six icons for TRS for a chance to win a NOOK with Glowlight with many, many more prizes. Click the banners to go to The Romance Studio and Coffee Time Romance to enter the Scavenger Hunts, be sure to tell them Jewel Adams sent you!

The TRS and CTR Celebration continues the Party with TRS – May 26-31 To add to the Celebration I will be giving away DREAM LOVER free at Kindle Amazon on May 31st along with other ebooks during the Party at TRS! Just Click the banner to go to the party and be sure to enter for all the prizes to be given away by the authors and TRS.

DREAM LOVER by Jewel Adams, Time Travel Erotic Romance
When a dream becomes reality, Mackenzie Richardson discovers her fantasy lover is no longer an unattainable image, but a very real, very powerful, flesh and blood man. Mackenzie finds no escape from the handsome but obstinate dream that shatters the fabric of time and thrives in Colonial America, the year of our Lord, 1773.

Aaron Masters confronts the bewitching woman that haunts his dreams, to discover a very real and passionate Mackenzie. Be she God's own angel or the Devil's witch, she now belongs to him. Neither the powers of time, nor the perils of man will take away the woman he claims as his wife.

Join Aaron and Mackenzie on a journey of discovery as they confront their love for each other and battle the forces to hold on to the treasure they find. Will they beat the power of time that tries to keep them separated? Or will their love end on the thrust of a pirate's cutlass or the claim of a British spy that Mackenzie is his wife! The excitement and adventure will hold you spellbound to the explosive conclusion of DREAM LOVER

TRS Blog-a-thon – May 21-23
I will be blogging my books on each blog at TRS and with each blog post I do, an Ebook of my post will be given away. I will pick the winner from the comments See you there!