Good morning all! Here is the beginning of May's story. Let's see where we can take it! I can hardly wait to see what you all come up with

He thrust his pulsating manhood into her waiting flesh.
Seriously? That’s the best he can come up with, Xena thought as she read the work in front of her. “I’m really slacking on my job,” she realized.
She glanced to the bed where her charge slept. His beautiful chestnut hair was ruffled with sleep. “Davis,” she whispered. His name tasted like the most exquisite chocolate as she said it.
Davis Sloane moaned slightly as he rolled into a different sleeping position.
Xena turned back to his latest romance novel. She looked to the sky and cursed her mother, the woman who thought it would be hilarious to make her daughter the muse to a male romance writer.
“Maybe this can be fixed,” Xena said as she scrolled through the work Davis had done that day. She would have to hurry so that he didn’t wake and find her at his computer, correcting the grievous errors he’d made.