A druid priestess is captured and enslaved to a Roman tribune who must decide whether his loyalty lies with his heritage or the woman he suspects may be Rome's deadliest enemy

I'm just finishing the final polish and edit of the third book in my Forbidden series of sexy warriors and magical heroines. I don't have a release date for this book yet, but sign up for my Newsletter for all the latest details as they happen!

Here's an extract from the scene where my heroine, Nimue, first meets the hero, Tacitus.

~ * ~

“Beware, Roman.” Far from sounding like a threat, she sounded as if she wished her words to caress. “Give me the slightest opportunity and I will carve your corrupt heart from your chest.”

“That sounds,” he paused, as if considering the matter. “Stimulating.”

Her own heart thudded against her ribs, as if it wished to make its own unorthodox escape from her chest. Her breath tangled in her throat and again the image of him impaling her with his foreign, barbarous cock flooded her scalding senses.

She almost lost her tenuous grip on her dagger.

“I would never willingly share your bed.” But who was she trying to convince? This Roman? Or herself?

This time his lips curved into a smile of pure, unadulterated decadence. “I will greatly enjoy changing your mind, Celt.”

She tried to drag her fascinated gaze from his lips, but failed. How would they taste? How would they feel? When it came to pleasuring the flesh, how talented with his mouth was this arrogant invader?

“Then you are destined for grave disappointment.” But the response was hollow, because it was she who was destined for disappointment. The knowledge disgusted her as much as it confused her. How could she want a Roman? She had despised their race her entire life. She always would. This heat in her blood was nothing more than the aftereffects from the battle. It had nothing to do with the man who still looked at her as if he’d like to strip her naked and intimately examine every flushed particle of flesh she possessed.

“I don’t intend to be disappointed in this matter.” He leaned a little farther over his horse, and yet still his sword did not waver. One false move and he could cut her down in an instant. “You will share my bed, and you will enjoy every mindless, ecstatic orgasm I claim from your writhing body.”

Her chest contracted, as if he had reached inside her and squeezed the air from her lungs, as if he crushed her in a merciless embrace. His words conjured up a vision so intense, so vivid, she could feel his hands on her body; could feel the tension screaming through her blood; could see, on the edges of her sanity, dark fulfillment that would curse her soul forevermore.

~ * ~

Book 1 ~ Forbidden

Book 2 ~ Captive

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