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    Default CBG Author Drop In

    Our authors will drop in and out throughout the week right here, on this very thread. But if you want to see more excerpts and 'stuff' dedicated to specific stories, please go to the Author Showcase area. That's where you'll find it all.

    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    I'm dropping by. Thanks to a very patient Karenne, I can say "HI" and a very happy Birthday to CTR and TRS. I write romance, plain ole' romance. No vampires, no traveling from one time to another, no seat holding suspense, but boy meets girl, they have a lot of trouble and end up declaring their love and live happily ever after. Of course, I live part of the time back in the medieval ages, and from the UK to the states. I guess my love of romance began when I was about three or four and saw Snow White with my grandmother.

    I have to have a HEA or I just don't enjoy the book. I do read other things, but my heart is with romance. I don't watch many movies either. I'm definitely what you would call a book junkie. I have two or three books I'm reading all at the same time.Well, not quite. I read some out of one, go to another, then another. I said a book junkie.

    If I'm writing a historical I read contemporaries. If I'm writing a contemporary (Yeah, I do write one once in a while) then I read historicals. So, I'm usually reading contemporaries.

    If you have a question you think I can answer, go ahead, question away. I'll check first thing tomorrow. and each day through the party.
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    Default Okay, I do write about vampires, and time travel and space arks...

    Hello All,

    I'm always fascinated by how wonderfully diverse our group of authors at Champagne Books is! Unbelievably rich and amazing stories are published each month.

    I write about vampires, dhampyres, lhampyres, angels, demons, time travelers, future worlds and more! My imagination is constantly getting me into amazing situations that require much research that takes me on journeys that I could not have possibly have hoped to have had in this lifetime. I feel blessed and yet I know I work very hard as I truly believe that Thomas Edison had it right, "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration".

    I live in the country near a small town with my own White Knight and three furry babies, baby Ling Ling, Teako San and Penny lane. Three Himalayan cats that keep us entirely entertained. I teach high school with my husband during the day and write in every spare moment I can!

    Please feel free to contact me anytime.
    January Bain
    Dream Love Hope

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