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    Default Sara Fitzgerald

    Anything For Charity, Mine for Keeps, Just What The Doctor Ordered, Yesterday's Wish and Darkness Within are Sara's titles. Talk to her about them HERE.
    J. Ellen Smith
    Publisher/Managing Editor
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    Default About me:) Sara Fitzgerald

    Quote Originally Posted by ellen View Post
    Anything For Charity, Mine for Keeps, Just What The Doctor Ordered, Yesterday's Wish and Darkness Within are Sara's titles. Talk to her about them HERE.


    As you know I am published by Champagne Books. I am so blessed to be apart of Champagne authors. I have five books published with them. My newest one, Darkness Within, is my favorite. It recently won second place in the Oquirrh Writers E-book contest.

    Darkness Within is filled with excitement, witches, vampires, and werewolves.

    Please find below a blurb,
    When Samantha Van Skyhawk learns her family secret, her life is in terrible danger—and her unlife may just be beginning. Samantha’s dad is a vampire and soon her blood will change. She flees with her mom and brother to Shadow Falls to find the spell to kill the evil vampire blood When Samantha encounters Brent, a human with the most bewitching smile, things get complicated. She doesn’t have time for a romance not with the daunting task of defeating a vampire who has been around for centuries. Then Samantha meets Drake, a totally hot vampire, who claims she belongs with him; the darkness within her completely agrees. She must fight her incredible urge to be with Drake and the yearning within her soul to become what she fears most—a monster that kills. Will she save herself and those she loves or will she embrace the night forever?
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald I will be popping in and out all day!


    I will be popping in and out all day. Would love to chat with you about. I am so excited to be here. Thanks for having me
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald Darkness Within Excerpt

    Drake traced Samantha’s face through the air, careful not to touch her. “Do you trust me?”
    “Why do you ask?”
    “I long to kiss you. To feel your warmth. What if I promise not to change you tonight…just to hold you for a brief moment?”
    It was stupid to believe him. But how would his arms feel wrapped around her? “How can I possibly trust you?”
    “Sometimes you have to believe in something.”
    He nodded.
    In spite of all her logic, she pulled off her beautiful new cross and let it slip through her fingers. She stepped into his embrace and stared into his beautiful dark eyes. He slowly moved his lips to hers. Her heart started pounding as if she was running for her life. Maybe she was. Maybe she’d die right here in his arms tonight.
    As his lips found hers, she sighed. He was magnificent and kissing him was beyond what mere words could ever describe. Strange though, his touch was so cold, and yet it caused her to burn with such passion. The heat grew stronger every single second. It was amazing.
    She loved him. She wanted this forever. It was him she wanted. Not Brent. She shook her head. It was the darkness within her thinking these thoughts. Not the real her.
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald what readers are saying Darkness Within

    What readers are saying:

    “Darkness Within fulfills the ‘thirst’ for vampire novels. A fun read for young girls and those young at heart.” Barbara West

    “Sara Fitzgerald’s story grows dark and dangerous as you turn the page and will have the reader wondering what happens next.” Stanalei Fletcher

    “Darkness Within will keep you spellbound and bewitched to the very last page.” Jill Ammon Vanderwood, Award Winning Author of What it Like, Living Green.
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald Giveaways at Goodreads

    I know I have talked a lot about Darkness Within. I will talk more about my other books soon!

    Right now I want you to know Just What the Doctor Ordered and Anything for Charity are on Goodreads as giveaways, so if you want a copy go over and entered to win a printed book signed by me
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    OHHHH Sara, that sounds so interesting!!! Being a HUGE fan of such novels I can't wait to read it! Best, January
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald Thanks


    It is one of my favorite books. So much fun to write!!! I hope you enjoy reading it.
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    Default Sara Fitzgerald Just What the Doctor Ordered

    My second book, Just What the Doctor Ordered, also became a Best Seller for Champagne Books.

    This book was super fun to write. Las Vegas in the main location of the book which to me is a city I love. So does my character, Elizabeth. She is ready to bet on love.

    Please find below the blurb

    Elizabeth Lane needs a job fast in order to finish her last semester of school and head back to her small hometown to open her own medical clinic. However, she has no idea that in order to make her dream come true, she'll have to work for the notorious Dr. Jess Miller. She has always been able to tackle the hogs at home; surely she can manage one cranky doctor, can't she?

    Romantic sparks fly the moment they meet, but intimate relationships are against the rules. Jess isn't one to break the rules especially since he is going after a huge promotion. However, when they fly to Las Vegas for a medical conference--all bets are off and they might just lose more than money. They might just lose their hearts.

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    Default Sara Fitzgerald Anything for Charity

    My third book with Champagne Books is Anything for Charity. I absolutely love this book!!! I model the hero after my wonderful husband. And the little girl in this story will tug at your heart. Indeed you might find that you will do anything for charity.


    To launch her career as a reporter, Charity Smith must write a story about the media shy billionaire, Ryan Foster.

    Ryan's heart was broken when his young niece died of cancer. Now he dresses up like a clown and performs charity work at the local hospital. The last thing he needs is a reporter invading his privacy, but the moment he meets Charity and her scowling teenage brother, he finds himself falling head over heels in love with her. Soon he wonders if he will anything for Charity.

    Fun sweet romance.

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