Who doesn't love a cowboy? Let me introduce you to Griff Calhoun. Griff is a Texas rancher looking for a consultant to help him open a summer camp for children of divorce on his ranch. Candace Hudson is a Philadelphia social worker just coming out of a bad breakup with a jerk. She had dreams of a husband and babies, but is now rethinking the husband part of the equation. When the two meet at a conference in New York, Griff is sure he's found the consultant he needs and convinces Candace to help him. What both Griff and Candace get is a Wake-Up Call.


He placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face to his. His mouth, soft and warm, covered hers. She closed her eyes, giving in to the sensations. A current snaked down her spine and her body thrummed as she yielded to his probing tongue. His fingers brushed the nape of her neck, and a shiver rolled through her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers
tangling in his thick hair.
When they parted, Griff cupped her face in his hands and smiled. “You’re sweet and so damn sexy. It’s a good thing there are children in the house.”
“And it’s probably a good thing I’m leaving tomorrow.” She inhaled deeply to try to regulate her breathing.
He chuckled. “I could send the kids over to Reba’s.”
Candace pulled back. “It’s not a good idea…you and me. Besides, I think Reba’s otherwise engaged.”
He leaned in to kiss her again, but she pressed one finger to his lips.
He gazed into her eyes. “How come we seem to meet the wrong person at the right time, then meet the right person at the wrong time?”
“I know what you mean. Randall was all wrong for me, but the timing was right to….”
She shrugged, choosing her words carefully. “To settle down. It made him look more appealing at the time.”
“That’s some pair of rose-colored glasses you’re wearing.”
“Yeah. They get me into trouble.”
He removed her glasses from her face. “There. Now, what do you see?”
She studied his face, his gray eyes like storm clouds, locked on hers. “I see a man with a heart as big as his home state. A decent, gentle man.”
This time she covered his lips with hers.
“Daddy, can me and Harley…?”
Candace startled and pulled back. Griff whipped his head around toward the doorway. “Hey, Kayla. Candace and I are…working. What do you need?”
Kayla assessed the two of them. “Nothin’. Never mind.” She whirled around and ran back up the stairs.


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Linda Rettstatt